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World Map of Medieval Era

Johannes Vingboons

Johannes Vingboons was a Dutch map maker of the 17th century. Born in Amsterdam, Johannes Vingboons was one of the noted medieval map makers. The manuscript maps of Johannes depicting East and West Indies are some of his highly acclaimed works. He used water color to make these maps.

Between the years of 1640 and 1667, Johannes Vingboons made many watercolor maps. He referred to the drawings of the members of the crew of the Dutch East Indies Company to make these maps. These paintings were carried by the crew members to their homes from sea voyages.

Johannes Vingboons created maps with a great deal of accuracy. His maps were very much in demand and were used for references in libraries and decorating the walls of the houses of the royal families.

Johannes Vingboons has to his credit a number of well known cartographic works like city views, sea maps and profiles of regions that held a lot of significance to Netherlands. His contribution in the field of map making is noteworthy.

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