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World Map of Modern Era

Bjorn Gunnlaugsson

Bjorn Gunnlaugsson is one of the map makers of the modern era. He made immense contribution to the field of cartography. He is well known for his map of Iceland.

Bjorn Gunnlaugsson was born in the year 1788. He finished his studies in the department of mathematics and worked as a teacher in Bessastaoaskoli. In the year 1831, Gunnlaugsson got a grant from the Literature Society in Copenhagen and visited Iceland.

After extensive research Gunnlaugsson completed his work on map making and sent it for publication to the Literature Society. By the month of March in 1844, mapping of all the four quadrants of Iceland were completed. After five years, a map representing the whole country of Iceland was published on a relatively smaller scale.

Bjorn became a member of the Literature Society and was also given the award of the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog as well as the French Legion of Honour. Gunnlaugsson died in the year 1876

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