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World Map of Modern Era

Waldo. R. Tobler

Waldo. R. Tobler is an American map maker, who holds an important place in the field of cartography. He was born in 1930. Tobler got his Ph.D in 1961 from Washington University, Seattle. He spent many years at the Michigan University.

Waldo served as the Professor of Statistics and Geography in the University of Washington. Some of the courses he taught at the university included Geographic transformations, Migration and History of Cartography. In 1988, Zurich University in Switzerland rewarded him with Doctorate honoris causa.

Dr. Waldo.R. Tobler was one of the senior scientists and principal investigators in National Science Foundation. For geographic research, Tobler used computers and he laid emphasis on graphic interpretations and mathematical modeling.

Tobler has been in the editorial board of many journals, which include Journal of Regional Science, The American Cartographer, International Journal of Geographical Information and Geographical Analysis. He even served as the member of Royal Geographical Society in Great Britain, Regional Science Association and United States National Academy of Sciences. He was the United States delegate to International Geographical Union Commission on Sensing and Data Processing.

Waldo. R. Tobler invented many map projections. He is one of the well known cartographers of the world, who has contributed largely to the field of map making.

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