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Thomas Jefferys

Thomas Jefferys, the celebrated English cartographer was born in 1719. It is estimated that he survived till 1771. Thomas Jefferys printed and engraved maps for the government as well as various official bodies.

Cartographer Thomas Jefferys had produced many masterpieces during his lifetime. His major works and achievements are enlisted below.

Famous Works of Cartographer Thomas Jefferys:

  • Thomas Jefferys created a plan for those houses, which were destroyed by the massive Fire, which broke out on March 25, 1748 at the Exchange Alley Cornhill.
  • Thomas Jefferys in collaboration with Thomas Kitchin, made "The Small English Atlas". He also etched the designs of all towns and counties in the English Midlands.
  • Thomas Jefferys' Map of North America is till date considered as one of his major contributions to the domain of map-making. He published maps of various places in North America, of which the most famous are the "Map of Virginia", "Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England"and a topography of the West Indies and North America.
  • Thomas Jefferys printed maps of numerous English counties. These included maps of counties like Yorkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire etc.

    Thomas Jefferys served as a Geographer to the Prince of Wales and to King George III, and these are regarded to be his most remarkable achievements.

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