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World Map of Medieval Era

Luis Teixeira

Luis Teixeira was one of the famous sixteenth century cartographers of the world. He was a Portuguese mathematician and Jesuit. Luis (Lodovico) Teixeira was the cartographer in the court of the Spanish King. He received his formal education in Italy and he was greatly influenced by humanist, Angelo Poliziano Florentine's ideals. Luis Teixeira also served as the teacher of King John III in Portugal.

He became the first cartographer to make the map of Japan in 1592, which he handed to Abraham Ortelius. This map was published in Abraham Ortelius's edition, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum in 1595. The map became the first standard map of Japan, which was used by the Europeans for many years till Martini's map of Japan was published in Amsterdam. This map also became a model map for the other cartographers of Europe.

Besides, Teixeira had made many manuscripts maps that relates to Azores. Teixeira's world maps were published in 1598 and 1604. Till now he is best known for designing the map of Japan.

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