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World Map of Medieval Era

Johannes Blaeu

Following his father Willem Blaeu's footsteps, Johannes Blaeu proved himself as one of the greatest cartographers. Johannes Blaeu was born in Holland in the last decade of the 16th century. He collaborated with his father to create some of the finest maps.

The Dutch map maker, Johannes Blaeu studied law and was awarded the honor of Doctor of Law in the year 1620. However, he soon joined his father to publish the Atlas Novus in 1635. The atlas appeared in two volumes.

After his father's death, Johannes Blaeu and his brother Cornelius Blaeu took charge of their father's studio. Soon, Johannes became well known and was appointed as Dutch East India Company's official cartographer.

His works include the famous Tooneel der Steeden or Theater of Cities, Atlas Major and the Atlas of Scotland. Atlas Major was published in 11 volumes. The Atlas of Scotland was completed and published in the year 1654 in collaboration with Timothy Pont. He was elected to the Council of Amsterdam in the middle of the 17th century.

Johannes Blaeu embarked on a new project on cosmology when his works were destroyed by a ravaging fire in his studio. He passed away soon after the incident in the year 1672.

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