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World Map of Modern Era

John James Abert

John James Abert was an adventurer and a soldier born on September 17, 1788. He died on Septwmber 27, 1863 in Washington DC. He was born in the district of Shepherdstown in Virginia. Abert was an erudite person who was well-versed in law and politics. James Abert completed his graduation from West Point. After graduating from West Point in the year 1811, he got married to Ellen Matlack Stretch. In 1813, John James Abert joined the bar of the Columbian district since he was familiar with law.

John James Abert joined the armed forces in the year 1814 as a topographical engineer. In 1829 he became the chief of the topographical department.Abert, the explorer finally took charge of the entire mapping department and was promoted to the designation of a Colonel in Command of the entire branch. Officers under him worked on terrestrial maps of Mississippi. He retired after a long service career in 1861. Besides chairing these coveted posts Col. Abert supervised the projects of national engineering and prepared reports on the projects which are considered to be the paradigms of topography.

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