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World Map of Medieval Era

Jorge Reinel

Jorge Reinel, the son of the legendary cartographer Pedro Reinel was born on 1502 in Lisbon. Jorge Reinel later on became one of the most well-known Portuguese cartographers.

Cartographer Jorge Reinel had also been a cartographic instructor for a long time. The famous Portuguese cartographer Diogo Ribeiro was one of his students.

Cartographer Jorge Reinel of Portugal has done many notable works. Few of his notable works are mentioned in the list below:

  • Jorge Reinel had constructed the maps of the South Atlantic, the North Atlantic and the west coast of Africa
  • Jorge Reinel's maps were used as an evidence to aid the claims to the crown of Castile. According to many Scholars, Reinel was the first one to make the world map

    These were the major contributions that Jorge Reinel had made in the field of map making. He is known till date for his systematic work. His works are an asset to the present cartographers of the world.

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