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Schuyler Colfax

Born in the New York City, Schuyler Colfax was a Vise President of the United States of America. At a very young age Schuyler Colfax moved to New Carlisle with his parents.
Schuyler Colfax
From the early years of his life Schuyler Colfax began to write articles in papers and journals like the New York Tribune. Writing on topics like Indiana politics fetched Schuyler Colfax the reputation of an young rising Whig in the Indiana Politics and soon became an editor of a Pro- whig News Paper which he later purchased.

A delegate of the Whig Party Convention of 1848, Schuyler Colfax was also a member of the Indiana Constitutional Convention of 1949 and later in 1950 he became a member of the state constitutional convention. Schuyler Colfax lost the fight for Congress to his Democratic opponent in the year 1950. With the collapse of the Whig Party, Schuyler Colfax contended again and this time he emerged victorious. After a short period of time Schuyler Colfax became a member of the Republican Party that was now being formed by the coalition of Northern Whigs, Anti-Nebraska Democrats and free soldiers. In the year 1862 the defeat of the House Speaker Galusha Grow paved the way for Schuyler Colfax to be elected as a Speaker of the House.

Schuyler Colfax was elected as the Vice President in the year 1868 as a Republican candidate. Political rumors and suspicion hindered the re-election of Schuyler Colfax to Presidency in the year 1872. After leaving the office, Schuyler Colfax continued his professional life as a Lecturer till he died in the year 1885.

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