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There are three levels in the administrative divisions of the United States. The first one is states, the second one is county, and the third level is cities, towns, and villages. At present, there are 3,143 counties in USA. San Bernardino County in California is the biggest county in the country.

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A county is an administrative subdivision in the United States of America. The expression 'county' is applied in 48 out of the 50 U.S. states. USA County Maps correctly show the location of the counties on the map of U.S.

About USA County Maps

There are no counties in Alaska and Louisiana. Alaska is made up of boroughs and Louisiana consists of parishes. At present, the United States houses 3,143 counties and county equivalent areas.

The average number of counties in each state of the country is 62. Texas is home to the maximum number of counties - 254. On the other hand, Delaware has the lowest number of counties - 3. The center of the government of a county is known as the county seat. In the northeastern United States, many counties utilize the expression 'shire town' to represent the county seat. The county with the lowest population in the U.S. is Loving County in Texas, home to just 82 people (2010 estimate).

The most densely populated county in the United States is the Los Angeles County in California. The county houses a population of around 9,880,000 (according to 2009 Census), which is higher than almost eight states in the U.S. The mean population of the U.S. counties was approximately 100,000 (as of 2000 Census). The biggest county in the country is the San Bernardino County in California, which covers 20,105 sq miles. In terms of size, the smallest county is the Kalawao County in Hawaii. It covers an area of 13 square miles.

Consolidated City-Counties in the United States

There are consolidated city-counties in the country such as Indianapolis, Indiana. A consolidated city-county is a county and city or municipal corporation at the same time. These areas have the authorities and functions of both categories of establishments.

The counties in the U.S. are ruled by county commission, board of administrators, county council, county landowners, or county government. On certain occasions, they are administered by a county executive.

Last Updated on : December 28, 2012