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Biography of William King

The full name of William King was William Rufus de Vane King. William King became the Vice President of United States of America in 1853.At that time Franklin Pierce was the President of USA.
William King
William King became the 13th Vice President of USA. As a Vice President he served the nation from 4th March, 1853 to 18th April 1853.

In Sampson County of North Carolina William King was born. In the year 1803, William King graduated from North Carolina University. From 1807-1809, William King became the member. the North Carolina House of Commons. In 1810, William King became the city solicitor Wilmington in North Carolina. William King became a US Senator from the state of Alabama. He served as US Senator from 14th December 1819 to 15th April 1844. He got elected to the US Senate as Democratic Republican. In these years,1822,1828, 1834,1841 William King was elected as Jacksonian.

As Jacksonian he served the nation from 14th December, 1819 to 15th April, 1844. William King also became the chairman of Public Lands Committee and Committee of Commerce. From 1844- 1846, William King became the Minister to France under the presidential ship of Polk.

William King was a lawyer by profession. He began his career in politics as North Carolina legislature's member. From the year 1811 to 1816, he was the representative of North Carolina in House of Representative of the United States. US Legislation secretary to Russia from 1816 to 1818 was William King. At that time Monroe was the President. For thirty years he served as US senators. His tenure as an US Senator was from 1819-1844 and 1848-1852. From 1850-1852 William King also became the President Pro tem.

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