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Henry Wilson

Henry Wilson was the Eighteenth Vice President of the United States of America. Henry Wilson was named Jeremiah Jones Colbath by his parents and was born in Farmington, New Hampshire in the year 1812.
Henry Wilson
In the year 1833 Jeremiah Jones Colbath changed his name to Henry Wilson and shifted to Natick, Massachusetts and became a shoe maker there. There he attended a number of local academies and also taught at a school . Later in the years between 1841 and 1852, Henry Wilson was a member of the State Legislature and he owned and edited the Boston Republican from the year 1848 to 1851.

In his Political career Henry Wilson was initially unsuccessful in the 1852 Congress elections and the election of Governor of Massachusetts in 1853. The year 1855 the the resignation of Edward Everett paved the way for the election of Henry Wilson to the United States Senate. Henry Wilson was re- elected several times and served a total period from January 31, 1855, to March 3, 1873 when he became the Vise President of the United States of America.

Henry Wilson replaced Schuyler Colfax as the Vice President of the United States of America. Some of the important works of Henry Wilson includes:

  • History of the Anti-Slavery Measures of the Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth Congresses, 1861-64
  • History of the Reconstruction Measures of the Thirty-ninth and Fortieth Congresses, 1865-68
  • History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America (three volumes)

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