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Shasta County Map

Below is the County Map of Shasta in California showing the boundaries, roads, highways, towns and much more.
Shasta County Map
Description : Map of Shasta county showing the major towns, highways and much more. Disclaimer

Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Compare Infobase Limited,its directors and employees do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.

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Facts about Shasta County

County NameShasta County
Area9,960 km2 (3,847 sq mi)
Land Area9,780 km2 (3,775 sq mi)
Water Area190 km2 (72 sq mi)
Population177,223 (2010)
County SeatRedding
Time zonePacific Standard Time (UTC-8) Summer (DST) Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7)

Mountain Peaks in Shasta County

Mountain Peak/HillElevation [Meter]
Alamine Peak843
Arbuckle Mountain1121
Ashpan Butte1808
Badger Mountain2172
Bagley Mountain1331
Bald Mountain1694
Bald Mountain1639
Bald Mountain1409
Bales Mountain1543
Bass Mountain844
Bear Mountain796
Bear Wallow Butte1875
Bee Knoll801
Beetle Butte1326
Billibokka Mountain1238
Black Butte790
Blue Mountain937
Blue Mountain1573
Bluejay Mountain1000
Bohemotash Mountain1346
Boulder Peak2114
Brock Butte1049
Brock Mountain813
Brown Butte1419
Brown Mountain1371
Brush Mountain1141
Brushy Butte1580
Brushy Butte1157
Buck Butte1969
Buck Mountain1037
Bucks Peak1234
Bully Hill612
Bumpass Mountain2664
Bunchgrass Mountain1664
Burney Mountain2395
Burney Spring Mountain1206
Carberry Mountain1578
Castle Dome1487
Chalk Mountain1786
Chall Mountain1028
Chamise Peak487
Chaos Crags2567
Chickabally Mountain400
Chicken Hawk Hill1919
Chirpchatter Mountain597
Cinder Butte1535
Cinder Butte1336
Cinder Cone1111
Claiborne Peak1123
Clover Mountain2066
Coble Mountain1558
Copley Mountain892
Cornaz Peak1623
Coyote Peak950
Crane Mountain1170
Crater Butte2211
Crater Peak2552
Cutter Butte1601
Damnation Peak1590
Dan Covey Butte1871
Dan Hunt Mountain1892
Davis Mountain1203
Democrat Mountain737
Devils Mountain1138
Di Hill776
Diamond Peak2419
Dog Creek Mountain1344
Doyle Butte1664
Ducket Peak1392
Dudgen Butte1321
Dutch Butte1423
Dutchman Peak1383
Eagle Peak2802
East Fork Mountain1039
Eiler Butte2048
Elmore Mountain741
Eskimo Hill1850
Fairfield Peak2212
Fauries Peak1457
Fish Mountain434
Flat Top1929
Fort Mountain1463
Freaner Peak2250
Fredonyer Peak2412
Fuller Mountain1382
Gold Hill588
Goose Mountain1498
Gray Rocks723
Gray Rocks837
Green Mountain685
Green Mountain1843
Green Mountain1188
Grizzly Peak1892
Grouse Mountain867
Hall Butte2177
Haney Mountain1345
Hanland Peak1252
Hat Creek Hill1578
Hat Mountain2345
Hat Mountain1202
Hatchet Mountain1662
Haycock Peak598
High Mountain1639
Hirz Mountain1073
Hogback Mountain1128
Horse Heaven Buttes1751
Horse Mountain1222
Huckleberry Mountain2139
Iron Mountain1080
Jackass Mountain802
Jamo Point838
Kanaka Peak773
Kettle Mountain1104
Killanger Peak418
Knob Peak1443
Ladybug Butte1505
Lassen Peak3150
Latour Butte2043
Little Bagley Mountain1166
Little Bally1640
Little Devils Mountain1123
Little Huckleberry Mountain2052
Little Logan Butte1832
Little Potato Butte1466
Little Round Mountain1030
Little Round Mountain385
Little Round Mountain919
Little Shoeinhorse Mountain1417
Logan Mountain2209
Long Valley Mountain1370
Lookout Mountain1622
Lookout Mountain1427
Lookout Mountain1369
Lookout Peak1734
Loomis Peak2626
Mad Mule Mountain926
Magee Peak2563
Mammoth Butte1273
Manzanita Hill684
McKenzie Mountain1541
McMullen Mountain1980
Merry Mountain906
Miller Buttes306
Miller Mountain1620
Minnesota Mountain1298
Monarch Mountain742
Mount Diller2750
Mount Helen2694
Mule Mountain708
Nawtawaket Mountain1367
North Fork Mountain1612
North Gray Rocks933
North Red Mountain1744
Nosoni Mountain1085
O'Brien Mountain803
Oak Knob1528
Oak Mountain1063
Opdyke Hill1418
Paradise Peak1920
Petty Butte532
Pigeon Hill1750
Pilot Mountain2183
Pilot Pinnacle2672
Potato Butte1539
Prospect Peak2538
Quartz Hill283
Raker Peak2281
Rattlesnake Hill1871
Reading Peak2647
Rector Peak1068
Red Lake Mountain2023
Red Mountain1951
Red Mountain1739
Red Rock Hill1589
Red Rock Mountain2299
Richie Peak681
Rocky Ledge Butte1393
Round Mountain525
Round Mountain1033
Sacramento Mountain1000
Saddle Mountain2325
Saddle Mountain1508
Sage Hen Hill746
Salt Creek Mountain1319
Satin Peak1376
Schell Mountain1580
Seventeen Hill313
Shasta Bally1882
Shirttail Peak1218
Shoeinhorse Mountain1571
Signal Butte1759
Signal Butte1191
Sixmile Hill1198
Ski Heil Peak2721
Skunk Hill1150
Snow Mountain2076
Soldier Mountain1676
South Fork Mountain1521
South Fork Mountain1049
Stacher Butte1759
State Mountain1675
Stump Creek Butte1207
Sugar Pine Mountain1615
Sugarloaf Mountain1178
Sugarloaf Peak1993
Survivors Hill1978
Table Mountain2100
Tamarack Mountain1585
Tater Hill1561
Tolladay Peak1199
Tombstone Mountain1691
Town Mountain1317
Tucker Butte1599
Tumble Buttes2024
Twin Buttes1484
Valley View Point1525
Van Sicklin Butte1533
Vulcans Castle2586
Ward Butte1514
West Prospect Peak2463
Whittington Butte1725
Wilcox Peak1960
Wild Cow Mountain1485
Winnibulli Mountain820
Woodman Hill270
Yellowjacket Mountain1497

Airports in Shasta County

Airport Name
American Display Heliport
American Display Heliport
Benton Field
Bridge Bay Resort Seaplane Base
Burney Service Center Heliport
Burney Sheriff's Station Heliport
Double Creek Ranch Airport
Fall River Mills Airport
Mercy Medical Center Heliport
Redding Municipal Airport
Tews Field
The McConnell Foundation Heliport

Cities in Shasta County

Anderson city993240.450915-122.296197
Bella Vista 278140.650181-122.244993
Big Bend 10241.010835-121.924014
Burney 315440.884946-121.669843
Cassel 20740.921269-121.551358
Cottonwood 331640.390427-122.286096
Fall River Mills 57341.00682-121.440033
French Gulch 34640.716545-122.631169
Hat Creek 30940.810043-121.480945
Keswick 45140.61344-122.460606
Lakehead 46140.900751-122.392398
McArthur 33841.041538-121.406733
Millville 72740.557585-122.169623
Montgomery Creek 16340.841447-121.921501
Mountain Gate 94340.718442-122.32626
Old Station 5140.672168-121.422785
Palo Cedro 126940.551183-122.23633
Redding city8986140.569759-122.365026
Round Mountain 15540.800535-121.937487
Shasta 177140.591107-122.479785
Shasta Lake city1016440.678969-122.377505
Shingletown 228340.503359-121.860174

Golf Courses in Shasta County

Name of Golf CourseLatitudeLongitude
Allens Golf Course-Redding40.523683-122.374259
Churn Creek Golf Course-Redding40.50535-122.324054
Fall River Valley Golf & Country Club-Fall River Mills40.999964-121.449778
Gold Hills Country Club-Redding40.635753-122.354644
Lake Redding Golf Course-Redding40.599514-122.391458
Palo Cedro Golf Club-Palo Cedro40.556131-122.219909
River Bend Golf & Country Club-Redding40.540958-122.365436
Riverview Golf & Country Club-Redding40.546594-122.362548
Tierra Oaks Golf Club-Redding40.669147-122.323915
Tucker Oaks Golf Course-Redding40.481788-122.302076

National Parks in Shasta County

Name of ParkLatitudeLongitude 
Lassen Volcanic NP40.494117-121.40578
Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity NRA40.604169-122.593645

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