Fullerton City Map, California

Fullerton is one of the cities in the Orange County of California and located approximately 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

City of Fullerton was founded in 1887 and was named after George H. Fullerton who secured most lands in the city. Fullerton has a Mediterranean climate and the temperature usually remains about 16 degree centigrade.

The northern and the western parts are hilly and this region had groves of citrus fruits, scrub land along with oil fields. The economy of Fullerton depends on the petroleum extraction, transportation along with the manufacturing industries. Fullerton of California has good education system and the city houses various schools, colleges, universities and California State University is the most renowned one. California State University in Fullerton is a prestigious institution and the university is popular as it offers various courses and they follow a strict schedule. Fullerton College is also a reputed institution of the city.

Fullerton is notable in terms of visitors' point of view as the city houses some excellent accommodation and dining facilities along with various recreational features. The attractions in Fullerton include Museums, Historical places, Public Parks & Trails and Muckenthaler cultural center.

The natural beauty of Fullerton Arboretum is just splendid. The historical attractions in Fullerton include the old fellow temple, Elephant packing house, The Chapman building and Dr. George Clarke house & office. Various recreational events follow throughout the year and they make the stay at Fullerton a more pleasant one.

The travelers to Fullerton can shop extensively as the city has a pretty good mix of retail shops along with restaurants with excellent dining facilities.

Fullerton is considered as one of the best cities of California as it is a storehouse of majority of unique attractions in the Orange Country of California. Visit the amazing country of Fullerton and it's a bet that the trip to Fullerton will just be a fun-filled event for the whole family.

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