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California Rivers Map

by Vishul Malik

California comprises approximately 190 thousand miles of river. It is also known to have around 3,000 named lakes and reservoirs

California Rivers Map

Rivers in California

California falls under the watershed area of the Pacific Ocean. A part of the eastern region of California is under the watershed area of the Great Basin. Sacramento and San Joaquin are the most prominent snow fed rivers of the state.
River EelRiver KlamathRiver Salinas and River Russian flow through the coastal region of California. River MercedRiver Owens and River Feather are some of the other prominent rivers of the State of California. Most of the rivers of the southern part of California run dry, except during the monsoon season. The Amargosa River of the Death Valley is one of the important rivers of southern California. California has several natural lakes. The California State Map indicates the prominent lakes of the state. Encompassing total area of 969 square kilometer, the Salton Sea of the Imperial Valley is the biggest lake of California. The Salton Sea was formed during the early part of the 1900, when the surplus water of the Colorado River filled up the natural depression of the Imperial Valley. Mono Lake, Owens Lake, Goose Lake, Honey Lake and Tahoe Lake are few of the notable lakes of California.


List of Rivers in California River Name Area / Length Location / Source Mouth
1 Clear Lake Reservoir 25,760 acres (10,420 ha) -Surface area Modoc County, California NA
2 Goose Lake 42 km (26 mi)-Length, 147 sq mi (380 km2)- Surface area Oregon–California Endorheic basin, Pit River
3 Trinity Lake 2,370 ft (720 m)- Surface Redding, California Trinity River
4 Middle Alkali Lake NA NA NA
5 Honey Lake 86 sq mi (220 km2) – Surface area Great Basin, Lassen County, California, United States Susan River
6 Almanor Lake 13 miles Plumas County, California Feather River
7 Lake Oroville (10,200 km2) Oroville East, Butte County, California Feather River
8 Lake Tulare dry bed 130 km (81 mi)- Max. length, dry bed 1,780 km2 (690 sq mi)- Surface area San Joaquin Valley Kings County, California NA
9 Bodega Bay 4.179 sq mi (10.823 km2) 33.37% (Water Area) Sonoma County, California, United States Pacific Ocean
10 Sacramento 447 mi (719 km), North-south Klamath Mountains Sacramento County, California, Suisun Bay
11 Mono Lake 9.321 miles Mono County, California tributaries of Mono Lake include Lee Vining Creek, Rush Creek and Mill Creek
12 Owens Lake 17.5 mi (28.2 km) Owens Valley on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada in Inyo County, California Owens River, Natural springs and wells
13 Buena Vista Lake 60 to 150 square miles San Joaquin Valley Kern County, California NA
14 Santa Barbara Channel Approximately 130 kilometres (70 nmi) long and averages about 45 kilometres (24 nmi) across Pacific Ocean (city of Santa Barbara, and west of the city of Ventura ) Pacific Ocean
15 San Pedro Channel NA NA NA
16 Coachella Channel NA NA NA
17 Saltop Sea NA NA NA
18 Lake Havasu 19,300 acres (7,800 ha) – Surface area Behind Parker Dam on the Colorado River, on the border between California and Arizona Colorado River
19 Colorado 1,450 mi (2,334 km) La Poudre Pass (Rocky Mountains, Colorado, United States) Gulf of California

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