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California Flag

The official California flag was adopted in 1911 by the State Legislature and has a sequence of historical events behind its incorporation.
California Flag

Flag of California

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About the Flag of California

The California flag is a rectangular white one, in the center of which, there is a grizzly bear on a patch of grassy land. The description of the California flag is quite interesting and it is in keeping with the codes of the state.
In the left corner of the flag's upper portion, there is a red star and a red stripe in the bottom. Just beneath the bear the words California Republic are chalked out in bold letters.

History of California Flag

The origin of the California flag can be traced to the Bear Flag. It was raised for the first time at Sonoma on 14th June by a bunch of American settlers who were revolting against the Mexicans. The designer of the first Bear Flag was William Todd, who painted the designs on a piece of fresh unbleached cotton cloth. Symbolism of California Flag The grizzly bear on the California Flag stands for the numerous bears noticed in the state of California. The bear was also modeled on Monarch, the grizzly bear who was captured by William Randolph Hearst to be presented to the San Francisco City. There the bear was enclosed in the Golden Gate Park. On his demise, he was stuffed and exhibited at the California Academy of Science. The star is adopted from the single star of the Texas state.

In contemporary times many people around the world, love to sport different forms of California flag shirts, t-shirts and other accessories. All this does not imply that the respect for the flag has lessened in any way.

Last Updated Date: May 25, 2016

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