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San Mateo County Map

Below is the County Map of San Mateo in California showing the boundaries, roads, highways, towns and much more.

San Mateo County Map
Description : Map of San Mateo county showing the major towns, highways and much more. Disclaimer

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Facts about San Mateo County

County NameSan Mateo County
Area744 sq mi (1,930 km2)
Land Area448 sq mi (1,160 km2)
Water Area293 sq mi (760 km2)
Population718,451 (2010)
Largest cityDaly City (population) Redwood City (area)
County SeatRedwood City
Time zonePacific Standard Time (UTC-8) Summer (DST) Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7)

San Mateo is a Northern California county, located just south of San Francisco on the Peninsula. Formed in 1856, San Mateo County is now an important region of the Bay Area, home to many major cities, including South San Francisco. As of the 2010 US Census, the population of San Mateo County is about 718,451. The county seat is in Redwood City, but the largest city in San Mateo County is Daly City.

Some of the important cities in San Mateo County are San Mateo, South San Francisco, Daly City, San Carlos, San Bruno, and Redwood City.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is located in San Mateo County, situated between San Bruno and Milbrae. San Francisco International is one of the top ten busiest airports in the United States.

Mountain Peaks in San Mateo County

Mountain Peak/HillElevation [Meter]
Bald Knob637
Belmont Hill171
Black Mountain198
Borel Hill769
Brittan Knoll65
Burns Chalks325
Cattle Hill247
Eagle Hill32
Goat Hill354
Haskins Hill356
Kelly Hill555
Kings Mountain638
Lane Hill374
Langley Hill677
Mindego Hill653
Montara Knob495
Morena Sierra731
Mount Ellen201
Mount Melville672
North Peak575
Ox Hill539
Peak Mountain551
Point San Bruno46
Rays Peak287
Round Hill28
San Bruno Mountain371
San Pedro Mountain323
Scarpet Peak589
Skeggs Point703
South Peak555
Sugarloaf Hill177
Teague Hill612
Windy Hill585

Airports in San Mateo County

Airport Name
Half Moon Bay Airport
Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County
San Carlos Airport
San Francisco International Airport

Cities in San Mateo County

Atherton town691437.453918-122.20315
Belmont city2583537.51538-122.295629
Brisbane city428237.689718-122.340015
Broadmoor 417637.691428-122.481195
Burlingame city2880637.589415-122.363074
Colma town179237.676586-122.452602
Daly City city10112337.68618-122.468407
East Palo Alto city2815537.467099-122.134705
El Granada 546737.514248-122.465148
Emerald Lake Hills 427837.466122-122.26756
Foster City city3056737.579135-122.238756
Half Moon Bay city1132437.468695-122.438127
Highlands-Baywood Park 402737.522671-122.344775
Hillsborough town1082537.557241-122.358698
La Honda 92837.31819-122.265088
Ladera 142637.399581-122.199301
Loma Mar 11337.265798-122.300685
Menlo Park city3202637.480277-122.148926
Millbrae city2153237.599359-122.402243
Montara 290937.548258-122.492367
Moss Beach 310337.518368-122.503462
North Fair Oaks 1468737.475374-122.203439
Pacifica city3723437.611154-122.478043
Pescadero 64337.250752-122.372519
Portola Valley town435337.371376-122.220291
Redwood City city7681537.517478-122.211161
San Bruno city4111437.625414-122.431386
San Carlos city2840637.498296-122.267893
San Mateo city9720737.560358-122.311054
South San Francisco city6363237.652731-122.343222
West Menlo Park 365937.43382-122.20355
Woodside town528737.422162-122.259082

Golf Courses in San Mateo County

Name of Golf CourseLatitudeLongitude
Burlingame Country Club-Hillsborough37.568214-122.369115
California Golf Club of San Francisco-South San Francisco37.652947-122.436366
Crystal Springs Golf Course-Burlingame37.553868-122.378926
Emerald Hills Golf Course-Redwood City37.455629-122.265478
Green Hills Country Club-Millbrae37.605188-122.407033
Half Moon Bay Golf Links-Half Moon Bay37.425244-122.426848
Kings Mountain Golf Course-Woodside37.428416-122.270147
Lake Merced Golf Club-Daly City37.694878-122.471133
Mariners Point Golf Links-Foster City37.57085-122.284146
Menlo Country Club-Woodside37.442695-122.235669
Peninsula Golf & Country Club-San Mateo37.541816-122.320732
Poplar Creek Golf Course-San Mateo37.587719-122.32527
Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club-Menlo Park37.420658-122.216145
Sharp Park Golf Course-Pacifica37.625189-122.488477
The Olympic Club-Daly City37.679834-122.490645


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