US Interstate 95 Map

US Interstate 95 Map
Description:The Map depicts US Interstate 95 (I-95) route from Miami, Florida to Houlton, Maine. Disclaimer

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The US Interstate-95 Highway Map

The interstate 95 happens to be the longest North to South interstate highway, and runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean.

The 1,920-mile stretch makes interstate I-95 highway the main street of East Coast, whereby it serves the entire Northeast Megalopolis, which extends to southeastern cities of Miami and Jacksonville.

Facts About Interstate 95

The road is the sixth overall longest road and passes through the highest number of states (15) in the entire US highway and interstate system.
The interstate 95 also boasts of the most branches routes compared to other interstate highways. Its spurs are much longer too.
As one of the oldest interstate roads, its construction is still underway. It features a notable gap in Lawrence Township, NJ such that drivers get to reconnect with the turnpike at exit 7A. However, this gap is expected to be finalized by 2017 or 2018.

Tourist Attractions Along Interstate 95

The best part about the I-95 highway is that it links the scenic New England with the amazing subtropical environs of Florida. Whoever gets on the road and take a trip along this highway, can never get bored.
One has to keep his eyes open to come across interesting destinations on the way. For instance, if you are traveling north from south, you can start with St Augustine, FL, which is the oldest city with European settlement within the continental US.
A few miles north of Jacksonville, tourists can make a stop at St. Mary’s in Georgia where one can catch the ferry to Cumberland Island. It’s famous for wild horses that run around freely. You can also look forward to stop at Savannah, Bonaventure Cemetery, and the Congaree National Park.

Restaurants Along Interstate 95

Brookside Restaurant at Exit 291 in Maine, Cozy Cottage Restaurant near Bronx in New York, and D'Angelo's Subs in Rhode Island are some of the restaurants located along the highway apart from a good number of Mini-Marts in almost every state.

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