US Interstate 75 Map

US Interstate 75 Map
Description:Map depicts US Interstate 75 (I-75) route from Hialeah, Florida to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Disclaimer

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US Interstate 75 Highway Map

The US Interstate 75 highway is located on the eastern side of the US interstate highway map. Just like other major highways in the US, the Interstate 75 also conforms to the interstate highways system. It commences from the southern part of Florida and goes all the way up to the northern point of Michigan. The Interstate 75 is known to be dominating mostly in the southeastern and Great Lakes areas of the United States.

I-75, as it is mostly abbreviated, is known to be the seventh most extensive interstate highway in the US. After Interstate 95, I-75 is thelargest US highway to transverse from the northern to the southern part of the country.

States Covered by I-75 Highway

The Interstate 75 highway passes through six states: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. I-75 is currently undergoing some renovation along Sarota and Fort Myers. Hence, travelers are alerted of slow traffic along these areas. The construction done is set to increase the interstate highway lane count to two.

Restaurants and shopping destinations along I-75 Highway

There are a lot of popular restaurants and fast food joints that are located along the interstate 75 highway. Restaurants that can be of service to commuters using this route include the famous Burger King at Jennings, Dairy Queen at Jasper, and McDonalds at White Springs.
Several shopping centers are also located along the interstate 75 highway. These are inclusive of Mainstrasse Village, IGA Grocery and Kroger supermarket near the Kentucky area. State Farmers markets, Oaks mall and Publix supermarket in Florida can also be of great service to travelers using the I-75.

Hotels along I-75 Highway

Travelers interested in lodging services can reside at various luxurious hotels and restrooms located along the I-75. Crown Inn, Super 8 Motel, and Hampton Inn – all in Ohio – can be of importance to Interstate 75 users.

Route of Interstate Highway No.75

StateEntry PointExit PointLength
FloridaMiami Lakes, FLValdosta, GA470.808 mi (757.692 km)
Georgia Florida state lineTennessee state line355.11 mi (571.49 km)
Tennessee Georgia state lineKentucky state line161.86 mi[2] (260.49 km)
Kentucky Tennessee state lineOhio state line191.78 mi (308.64 km)
OhioKentucky state lineMichigan state line211.55 mi (340.46 km)
Michigan Ohio state lineSault Ste. Marie395.916 mi (637.165 km)
Total Length  1,786.47 mi[1] (2,875.04 km)

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