USA Interstate 35 Map

USA Interstate 35 Map
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US Interstate 35 highway Map

Interstate 35, popularly abbreviated as I-35 is a major north-south Interstate US Highway situated in the central United States. Out of the Interstate Highways which had splits or spurs, Interstate 35 is the only one that still has such divisions like N/S/E/W, well before the recent opening of the Interstate 69C, Interstate 69E and Interstate 69W in South Texas.

In two different stretches, via the twin cities, the Interstate 35 splits into Interstate 35E at Dallas and at Saint Paul, Minnesota. Also, the US Interstate Highway splits into Interstate 35W at Fort Worth, Texas and also at Minneapolis.

Extent of I-35 Highway

Interstate 35 stretches from Laredo, Texas on the American-Mexican border to Duluth, Minnesota at Minnesota Highway 61(London Road) and the 26th Avenue East. The southern terminus of Interstate 35 is a traffic signal in Laredo, Texas. Also, towards the north, Interstate 35 terminates in Duluth, Minnesota.

States and cities along I-35 Highway

  • Iowa: Des Moines
  • Kansas: Wichita
  • Minnesota: Duluth, Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Missouri: Kansas City(MO. –KS.)
  • Oklahoma: Norman, Oklahoma City
  • Pennsylvania: Monessen
  • Texas: Austin, Dallas- Worth-Arlington, Denton-Lewisville, Laredo, San Antonio, Temple, Waco

Restaurants along Interstate-35 Highway

Here is a list of few great restaurants along Interstate-35 Highway:

  • MK Davis Restaurant
  • Rudy’s Seafood
  • Viet-Nam Restaurant
  • Lulus Bakery & Café
  • Armadillos

Attractions along I-35 Highway

Some of the renowned tourist attractions along I-35 Highway include:

  • Fort Snelling State Park
  • Beeds Lake State Park
  • Nine Eagles State Park
  • El Dorado State Park
  • Arcadia Lake Parks

Route of Interstate Highway No.35

StateEntry PointExit PointLength
Texas Laredo, TXGainesville, TX407.195 mi (655.317 km)
Oklahoma Marietta, OKBraman, OK235.96 mi (379.74 km)
Oklahoma-Kansas state lineOklahoma-Kansas state lineKansas-Missouri state line235.53 mi (379.05 km)
Missouri Kansas City, MOEagleville, MO114.74 mi (184.66 km)
Iowa Colfax Township, IAFreeman Township, IA219.225 mi (352.808 km)
Minnesota Hartland Township, MNDuluth, MN220.46 mi (354.80 km)
Total Length  1,569.06 mi (2,525.16 km)

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