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What are the biggest exports of USA and to what countries?

Infographic and Maps on US major ExportsIn 2017, the U.S. international trade touched $5.231 trillion, this includes the total export and import of goods and services. The total exports of USA were $2.331 trillion and, total imports were $2.900 trillion.

The United States is the world’s second-largest exporter of goods and services after China but is also the largest importer. The United States has been facing a high trade deficit, and therefore the present administration is in the process of implementing protectionist measures to reduce the trade deficit.

Top 15 Destinations for U.S Exports   (in the U.S $ million)
Country Goods & Services  Goods    Services 
2017 2016 2015 2017 2016 2015 2017 2016 2015
Canada 341,691 321,255 336,072 282,974 267,298 281,562 58,717 53,957 54,510
Mexico 276,704 261,921 267,820 243,452 229,876 236,286 33,251 32,045 31,604
China 186,835 170,155 165,100 130,797 115,998 116,563 56,038 54,157 48,537
UK 123,305 121,346 124,071 56,630 55,617 56,511 66,675 65,729 67,560
Japan 114,893 108,105 108,688 68,714 63,951 63,942 46,179 44,154 44,746
Germany 85,041 80,961 80,016 53,481 49,323 50,033 31,560 31,638 29,983
South Korea 72,294 63,754 65,076 49,060 42,698 44,430 23,234 21,055 20,645
Brazil 62,176 54,360 59,143 36,891 30,022 31,498 25,285 24,338 27,646
France 52,853 50,950 50,100 33,546 31,276 30,345 19,307 19,674 19,755
Hong Kong 52,416 45,597 47,796 40,759 35,544 37,954 11,657 10,053 9,842
India 48,258 42,256 39,952 25,142 21,624 21,577 23,116 20,632 18,374
Singapore 47,402 43,312 42,547 29,400 26,372 28,223 18,002 16,940 14,323
Taiwan 36,164 38,131 38,263 26,446 26,434 25,994 9,718 11,697 12,269
Italy 27,745 25,616 25,461 18,380 16,756 16,305 9,365 8,860 9,157
Saudi Arabia 25,833 27,758 29,540 16,268 18,080 19,734 9,565 9,678 9,806

Canada is the biggest buyer of American exports buying goods and services worth $ 341.69 billion in 2017. In 2015, Canada bought goods and services worth $336.07 billion. In 2016, this dropped 4.4% to $321.25 billion before recovering in 2017.

Similarly, Mexico which is the second largest market for U.S. exports, saw a dip in purchases for the U.S. in 2016 vs. 2015, before rising to $276.74 billion in 2017.

2018 started off with uncertainty over trade with Canada and Mexico, both signatories along with the U.S. to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The U.S. is pushing to renegotiate the terms of NAFTA, as it believes the terms of the agreement are unfavorable to the U.S. The prevailing uncertainty is expected to impact trade with Canada and Mexico.

The maximum trade tension prevails between the United States and China. China is America’s third largest export market but is also the largest supplier of goods to the U.S. The imports by the U.S. far exceed its exports to China, and so in 2018, the United States announced increased tariffs on several import items that are expected to impact Chinese imports into the U.S.

In retaliation, China too, has announced a raise in tariffs on goods and commodities supplied by the U.S. The tariffs and counter tariffs is likely to hurt both sides and respective trade negotiators are currently engaged in trying to resolve the trade dispute from spiraling. Both are keen to avoid a trade war that will negatively impact economies in both countries, and also negatively impact the overall global trade.

Among the Top 15 export destinations of the U.S., India has recorded the largest change in 2017 vs. 2015 levels. India’s continuing status as the fastest growing economy is likely to see the U.S. emerge as a significant beneficiary for its exports, especially in the advanced technologies and energy.

The United Kingdom remains the largest recipient of U.S. services, and BREXIT notwithstanding is expected to continue to remain the largest market for U.S. services in 2018-19.

China is the fastest growing market for U.S. services. U.S. services exports rose by $7.50 billion from $48.53 billion in 2015 to $56.03 billion in 2017. India continued to be the second fastest growing market for U.S. services after China.

Top  U.S. Exports in 2017 – by Product Category (U.S. $ millions)
Petroleum and Non-Petroleum 1,506,803
Capital Goods, Except Automotive 544,700
Industrial Supplies and Materials 431,050
Consumer Goods 203,368
Automotive Vehicles, Parts and Engines 151,489
Foods, Feeds, Beverages 120,942
Other Goods 59,686

In 2018, the United States is the world’s second-largest producer of petroleum with a 12% share of the global output. The U.S. production has been rising steadily. In 2012, the U.S. produced 1,172,965 barrels of crude oil and related products. In 2017, it has risen to 2,315,219 barrels. It remains the highest export for the U.S. recording $1,506.80 billion in 2017.

After petroleum, capital goods were the second largest export product. 2017 recorded $544.70 billion in exports, followed by industrial supplies.

Top 15 U.S. Exports in 2017 – Goods (U.S. $ millions)
Passenger Cars, new & used 9,929
Other Automotive parts and accessories 9,895
Pharmaceutical preparations 9,519
Industrial Machines 9,021
Civilian Aircraft 8,873
Petroleum Products 8,417
Semiconductors 7,853
Electrical Apparatus 7,257
Engines – Civilian Aircraft 6,444
Telecommunications Equipments 6,127
Plastic Materials 6,049
Medical Equipment 5,838
Fuel Oil 5,652
Chemicals – Other 4,968
Computer Accessories 4,840

Cars, new and used, remain the single largest manufactured item exported from the U.S. The present administration is aggressively promoting the increased manufacture of passenger cars in the U.S. and is pressing manufacturers to relocate car production back to the U.S. from Mexico. Mexico has been a Major beneficiary under NAFTA and is trying to resolve trade differences with the U.S. The U.S. remains a major exporter of automotive parts although countries like China and India are beginning to emerge important players with large domestic consumption.

Pharmaceutical preparations and industrial machines are the other major export items matching cars in sales turnover.


Top  U.S. Exports in 2017 – Advanced Technology Products (U.S. $ millions)
Total Exports 51,455
Aerospace 18,038
Information and Communications 13,383
Electronics 7,098
Life Science 4,467
Biotechnology 3,799
Flexible Manufacturing 2,863
Optoelectronics 636
Advanced Materials 493
Weapons 411
Nuclear Technology 267

The U.S. remains a world leader in innovation, research, and development of advanced technologies. Aerospace along with information technologies give it the technological edge and commercial advantage over other competitors. The domestic manufacturing industry is dominated by U.S. defense manufacturers and despite being the world’s largest exporter of arms, and therefore certain sales are not reflected in the figures above on account of confidentiality.

China remains the fastest growing challenger to the United States domination in high technology and electronics and is expected to increase their share of global trade at the expense of the U.S.

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