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USA Immigration Problems

Immigration has been both a boon and a curse for the United States. While on the one hand, the country has seen its rich culture and civilization being shaped out by talented, ambitious, and hard-working people from around the world, but on the other hand, illegal and disruptive elements have endangered the national security. Here a brief focus can be made on major challenges posed by immigration problems USA .

Illegal Immigration:
Illegal immigration to the United States is an alarming problem in the current times. It refers to the migration of people across the national borders of the United States in violation of US immigration and nationality law. Illegal immigrants are also referred to as illegal alien, illegal immigrant, undocumented alien, undocumented immigrant, undocumented worker, and the like. These people are said to have threatened the American social fabric, native economy, national security, and everything other that is American. Illegal immigration to the USA (predominantly from Mexico) occurs through following means:

  1. Illegal crossing of border;
  2. Overstaying after expiry of visa or Border Crossing Card (BCC);
  3. Drug smuggling;
  4. Identity theft;
  5. Immigration on false visas from countries with which the USA has no automatic visa agreements.

The successive administrations in the USA has been perturbed by the increasing flow of illegal immigration into the US more after the 9/11 attacks. Various legislations (Please refer to Immigration Law in USA and Immigration Reform USA , Index 1, Topics 7 and 9 ) have been passed to solve the issue of illegal immigration (sometimes negative while sometimes affirmative). In 1990 the Congress had appointed the Commission on Immigration Reform (dissolved in 1997) to review the nation's policies and laws and to recommend changes. Debates have engulfed the American society as to whether immigration has really helped or harmed the US; while the economics of illegal immigration has evolved to be a highly contentious issue. Despite all of this, the issue of illegal immigration and immigration problems in the USA are far from being resolved fully and finally.

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Last Updated Date: May 21, 2016