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Custom Mapping Solutions is your one-stop source for maps. Whether you are looking for a colored, blank, outline, printable, or customized World/Country/State/City/other maps with different regions, physical, political, time zone, and others, you’ll find everything of your choice at Our custom and intelligent mapping solutions and GIS services will help you get maps of anything and everything. Our most popular products in the customized digital mapping solutions are custom world maps, continent maps, specialized US Maps, zip code/ county maps, travel maps, business maps, education maps, Atlas maps, and many more.

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In an age when the internet is flooded with maps of various hues, getting the right one that suits your requirements can be quite a daunting task. So, to make your choices easy as a solution to all your problems, we have brought an entire wide range of Custom Maps for you under one roof. A one-stop source for maps, at, here you would find maps ranging from world, continents and countries, to states and even thematic maps. We use a special kind of data in our Custom Maps to make our maps more attractive. In technical terms, it is known as 1:1 Million Topographic GIS Data set. Our four main areas of custom mapping include World Atlas, Travel Maps and Guides, Gulf Atlases, and Business Maps. Well, we have worked with some of the top publishing houses in the world such as Paragon and Millennium House. For these and other clients, we have developed a number of reference atlases, including Gulf Atlases, with maps ranging from scale of 1:1 million to 1:4 million. For instance, we developed a beautiful and comprehensive Golf Atlas covering 1001 golf courses around the globe for Rolex. Besure School Atlas for Encyclopedia Britannica (India) is another compendium of maps covering thematic issues like agriculture, climate, minerals, wildlife and natural disasters, in addition to the physical and political maps of all Indian states and world continents.

Our Custom Maps are absolutely precise and exact and will surely provide you with accurate cartographic details. That is why Copenhagen (Denmark) based Legind relied on us to develop World Atlas in four different languages. Similarly, Australia based Enroute Publications also trusted us with the development of Custom Maps of famous world cities.


business maps
Business Maps
Banish the boring, for business maps are not only fun and entertaining but also cater to your specific industrial needs. Developed in various scales and formats, these theme-based business maps come loaded with an array of industry-relevant details.

Now, you don't have to refer to cumbersome books to get the details, you would find it all on these maps and that too, in a very interactive manner. It is highly beneficial for researches, publishing houses and other businesses, but students, teachers and travelers would also find it valuable.

1). Locator Maps: Get an edge over your business rivals with the locator maps. Here you can highlight your office/ workshop locations over a geographical area, which may be a state, country, continent or even the world, as per the requirement.

2). Thematic Maps: If you are planning to depict a theme then this is the right choice. The thematic map is designed to depict a theme connected with a specific geographic area. These maps are made as per the requirement of the business vertical. Click for more

3). Overlaying of Business Data: We can help you in digitizing business-related facts and figures over maps and map-based interactive applications. And that is not all. We also provide services such as Sales Territory Marking, Zonal Mapping, Product Analysis, Sales Revenue Monetization, and Business Productivity.

4). Maps with Company Logos: Want your company's logo on the map, we would do it for you. We can brand the maps with the respective company’s logo. Our customized stylesheets and details of the map would enhance your company’s aura.
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travel maps
Travel Maps
At times you might have got lost while meandering your way through a foreign city as the map in hand did not provide the details you are looking for. Well, it's time to throw the map into the trash can and pick MapsofWorld’ s highly detailed travel map.

So, whether you are a traveler, publisher or into the travel business, we assure that the travel map would help you plan out your schedule or that of your client in a much more convenient way. Our maps ensure that you would never get lost in a foreign locale as they come with a range of details that would make your traveling much more smoother. Tourist destinations, accommodations, transportation and other related services are conveniently marked on the map.

Whether you are searching for a top destination, market places, railroad, metros, trams or other means of transport, you would get whatever you are looking for right here. You can also get the map customized as per your requirement.

We have also been working on designing various route maps for various tour operators at the global level. We also provide maps that can be used on web-based as well as mobile-based platforms and would be of particular help to application developers. Click for more

reference atlas
Reference Atlases, Encyclopedias, and Golf Atlases
We do not want to brag about ourselves but really can't help it. Almost any reference or encyclopedia that you would get your hands on would have a map prepared by the cartographers of It won't be an exaggeration if we say that we are the number one map makers. Over the years, our list of clients is growing and today encompasses organizations, both domestic as well as international. Parragon, Millennium House (Earth Atlas), Britannica, and Legind As are just a few organizations that rely on us for their map requirements. Ask them what is it that makes them come back to us and the answer would be unanimous. Maps created by mapsofworld,com are highly detailed, accurate to the point, beautiful created and above all, updated to the current standards.

We are official map providers to esteemed clients globally for atlases. Our maps have enabled their atlases to stand out from the rest of the crowd. We have developed maps for many atlases at scales ranging from 1 million to 10 million offering added advantage of providing indexes for the maps to be used in atlases.

Our maps for golf atlases have won applause around the world. We take pride in informing you we we have created maps par excellence for Parragon's 101 Best Golf Courses across the world. Another one, that was sponsored by Rolex, saw us developing maps for all major golf courses around the world, marking their locations on a country maps supported by country flags based on a specific theme as per the client's requirement.

So, if you want to give a cutting edge to your map or encyclopedia just contact us and we will assist you in making your product truly world class. Click for more

Custom US Map
Customized U.S. Maps
How often have you tried to get a customized map of the USA but ended up disappointed? Quite often! Perhaps you have been looking at the wrong places. Now is the time to check out, the leaders in mapping and we assure you won't be upset.

We have years of experience in creating customized maps of the US according to the requirements of the customer and our range is staggering. We can create for you every kind of map ranging from Area Code/ ZipCode maps to specific location/states/counties maps. We have been furnishing maps with details up to the street level including other specifications as per client's requirement in varied formats and sizes.

Some of our services are mentioned below:

a) Zip Code Maps for all the states of the U.S.A. to find more: Click here
b) Area Code Maps for all the states of the U.S.A.
c) Administrative Boundaries Map and County Map for the U.S.A. to find more: Click here

But that is not all. We can pep up the map by adding more features, such as extensive road network, railroad, explicit POI dataset, oil and gas pipeline network projects, and mapping of real estate - commercials and residential projects at city as well as area levels.

Matching the pace of the development, our mapping services to the U.S. market includes business intelligence systems, converting old excel sheet format to graphically representative heat map utilities.

So, in case you have made up your mind to avail our services then just pick up the phone and call us right away. We would be more than happy to oblige.

custom digital map
Customized Digital Maps
Have you ever tried our customized digital maps? If not, then you really have missed out a lot. For, truly understands the needs of its customers and works according to their requirements. Believe us, our customers keep coming back to us because they know that we would provide them what they are looking for.

Our digital maps suit a variety of requirements. They come in a range of sizes starting from the tiny A5 to the huge A0. Looking for something bigger? Try our mammoth wall sized maps. Coming in different formats such as Raster and Vector, these maps can be used in presentations, reports, videos/films, websites, display, and other domains as per client's requirement. These area maps, state maps, country maps, region maps, and world maps are helpful in analyzing, decision making, location tracking, etc.

We also provide digital maps with physical and political minutiae with 3D relief to highlighting terrains and bathymetry. Click for more

education map
Education Maps
Whether you are a student, parent or teacher, our education maps would certainly appeal to you. They comprise all the ingredients that would make learning all the more fun and enriching. No wonder, we are the official map providers to some of the world's most renowned publishing houses and schools. Our range of services is astounding. It includes development of grade-wise maps based on school curriculum and interactive layer-wise maps to be included in the teaching materials. Other than this, have been known for developing scale maps for a wide assortment of atlases/ school atlases/ reference atlases meant specifically for children. There is no need running around in the market for the map of your requirement, we would make the one that suits you. Get your maps tailor-made as per specific style sheets for school curriculum and also for teaching material in various regional languages.

We have a long list of clients which includes educational institutions, schools, and universities that have used our mapping services to meet their academic needs. And that's not all. We have also been providing maps for educational websites, mobile-web applications, digital atlases, CD ROMs, etc. Click for more

mobile web app
Business Intelligence Solution
No need running hither and thither looking for someone who can convert your existing maps/data into interactive application that runs on various platforms. Just check out MapsofWorld! We have been doing it for years for various organizations and would help you do the same. Obviously, we are experts in creating maps for customers but organizations also rely on us as we are experts in developing applications according to the requirements of the customers. Various technology platforms are used to develop interactive applications like- HTML, Flash and GIS supported with PHP, etc. The plus point is that these applications are not only easy to understand but also support interactive features such as zoom in and zoom out. And, of course, they can be customized as per exact requirements. Click for more

europe 15scale
Europe at 1.5 Million Scale
Good news for our customers! Our Europe database has now been updated to 1.5 million scale. It now comes with new countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and many others. The data base comprises new and useful categories such as population-wise digitization of the cities ranging from below 5,000 to above 1 million population scale. Other than this, features such as mountain passes and peaks, major and minor road networks, water bodies and landmasses, and other physical attributes are also included.

So, whether you are a student, teacher, geographer, researcher and are looking for a database just to enhance your knowledge, then this one will surely appeal to you.

GIS Data
Get an edge over your business rivals with our customizable GIS solutions. These are highly detailed and cover all aspects ranging from the administrative boundaries/divisions at country level and province level to those at the county/city/town level. We can help make the data more effective by adding other useful features such as road networks, railroads, POI dataset, water bodies, and vegetation to name a few. So, monetize your business' sales performance with mapsofworld GIS solutions. Click for more


Last Updated on: October 5th, 2021

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