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France in the American Revolution

France was instrumental in the American Revolution. The victory of the American forces can be attributed to the military aid provided by the French forces.

When and why did France enter the American Revolution?

France participated actively in the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) and assisted America in its fight for independence from the British rule. It entered the Revolution in 1778. France perceived the whole episode as an incarnation of the Enlightenment Spirit. Benjamin Franklin popularized the Revolution in France, urging them to participate.

How did France help America in the Revolutionary War?

France had faced a bitter defeat in the French and Indian War, having to evacuate the American soil after that. Therefore, it saw a natural ally in the American colonies, who the French also wished to turn to their advantage once the conflict was over. At the same time, the colonies lacked ammunitions and allies. The French extended considerable financial support to the American forces in the form of donations and loans and also supplied vital military arms and supplies, which became a decisive factor in the victory of America.

What role did Benjamin Franklin play in the American Revolution?

Benjamin Franklin was among the founding fathers, and played an indispensable role in the American Revolution. Motivated by the ideals of equality, liberty and republicanism, he entered the war and mobilized the masses to join in the same. In December 1776, he went to France, where he was welcomed with enthusiasm. He stayed in Paris for a long time, which was a cause of discontent for the British but was unusually a fruitful time for America.

Why is the Siege of Yorktown important?

The Siege of Yorktown or the surrender of Yorktown in 1781 was an important battle in the American revolution. It refers to the victory of the American forces made possible by a combined attack over the British army by the French forces led by Comte de Rochembeau and the American forces led by General George Washington. The assault on the British army forced Cornwallis to surrender and end the conflict.

How was the economy of France affected?

The Treaty of Paris, signed in September 1783, ended the war between Britain and the United States of America. It was signed jointly by Great Britain, France, and Spain. The French forces had spent a lot of money in aid to America, and the national debt swelled to 3.315 billion. It also could not become the main trading partner with America, as it had hoped. This led to public unrest and a disbelief in monarchy, which some believe sowed the seeds for the French Revolution.

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