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US Senators

US Senators
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1AlabamaJeff SessionsRepublicanHuntingdon College (B.A.) University of Alabama (J.D.)December 24, 1946January 3, 2021
2AlabamaRichard ShelbyRepublicanUniversity of Alabama (B.A.; LL.B.)May 6, 1934January 3, 2017
3AlaskaLisa MurkowskiRepublicanGeorgetown University (B.A.) Willamette University (J.D.)May 22, 1957January 3, 2017
4AlaskaDan SullivanRepublicanHarvard College (B.A.) Georgetown University (J.D.; M.S.F.S.)November 13, 1964January 3, 2021
5ArizonaJeff FlakeRepublicanBrigham Young University (B.A.)December 31, 1962January 3, 2019
6ArizonaJohn McCainRepublicanUnited States Naval Academy (B.S.)August 29, 1936January 3, 2017
7ArkansasJohn BoozmanRepublicanUniversity of Arkansas (attended) Southern College of Optometry (O.D.)December 10, 1950January 3, 2017
8ArkansasTom CottonRepublicanHarvard University (B.A.; J.D.)May 13, 1977January 3, 2021
9CaliforniaBarbara BoxerDemocraticBrooklyn College (B.A.)November 11, 1940January 3, 2017
10CaliforniaDianne FeinsteinDemocraticStanford University (B.A.)June 22, 1933January 3, 2019
11ColoradoMichael BennetDemocraticWesleyan University (B.A.) Yale University (J.D.)November 28, 1964January 3, 2017
12ColoradoCory GardnerRepublicanColorado State University(B.A.) University of Colorado Law School (J.D.)August 22, 1974January 3, 2021
13ConnecticutRichard BlumenthalDemocraticHarvard University (B.A.) Trinity College, Cambridge (attended) Yale University (J.D.)February 13, 1946January 3, 2017
14ConnecticutChris MurphyDemocraticWilliams College (B.A.) Exeter College, Oxford (attended) University of Connecticut (J.D.)August 3, 1973January 3, 2019
15DelawareTom CarperDemocraticThe Ohio State University (B.A.) University of Delaware (M.B.A.)January 23, 1947January 3, 2019
16DelawareChris CoonsDemocraticAmherst College (B.A.) University of Nairobi (attended) Yale University (J.D.; M.A.)September 9, 1963January 3, 2021
17FloridaBill NelsonDemocraticUniversity of Florida (attended) Yale University (B.A.) University of Virginia (J.D.)September 29, 1942January 3, 2019
18FloridaMarco RubioRepublicanUniversity of Florida (B.A.) University of Miami (J.D.)May 28, 1971January 3, 2017
19GeorgiaJohnny IsaksonRepublicanUniversity of Georgia (B.B.A.)December 28, 1944January 3, 2017
20GeorgiaDavid PerdueRepublicanGeorgia Institute of Technology (B.S.; M.S.)December 10, 1949January 3, 2021
21HawaiiMazie HironoDemocraticUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa (B.A.) Georgetown University (J.D.)November 3, 1947January 3, 2019
22HawaiiBrian SchatzDemocraticPomona College (B.A.)October 20, 1972January 3, 2017
23IdahoMike CrapoRepublicanBrigham Young University (B.A.) Harvard University (J.D.)May 20, 1951January 3, 2017
24IdahoJim RischRepublicanUniversity of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (attended) University of Idaho (B.S.; J.D.)May 3, 1943January 3, 2021
25IllinoisDick DurbinDemocraticGeorgetown University (B.S.; J.D.)November 21, 1944January 3, 2021
26IllinoisMark KirkRepublicanCornell University (B.A.) London School of Economics (M.A.) Georgetown University (J.D.)September 15, 1959January 3, 2017
27IndianaDan CoatsRepublicanWheaton College (B.A.) Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (J.D.)May 16, 1943January 3, 2017
28IndianaJoe DonnellyDemocraticUniversity of Notre Dame (B.A.; J.D.)September 29, 1955January 3, 2019
29IowaJoni ErnstRepublicanIowa State University (B.A.) Columbus State University (M.P.A.)July 1, 1970January 3, 2021
30IowaChuck GrassleyRepublicanUniversity of Northern Iowa (B.A.; M.A.)September 17, 1933January 3, 2017
31KansasJerry MoranRepublicanFort Hays State University (attended) University of Kansas (B.A.; J.D.)May 29, 1954January 3, 2017
32KansasPat RobertsRepublicanKansas State University (B.A.)April 20, 1936January 3, 2021
33KentuckyMitch McConnellRepublicanUniversity of Louisville (B.A.) University of Kentucky (J.D.)February 20, 1942January 3, 2021
34KentuckyRand PaulRepublicanBaylor University (attended) Duke University (M.D.)January 7, 1963January 3, 2017
35LouisianaBill CassidyRepublicanLouisiana State University(B.A.) LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans (M.D.)September 28, 1957January 3, 2021
36LouisianaDavid VitterRepublicanHarvard University (A.B.) Magdalen College, Oxford (B.A.) Tulane University (J.D.)May 3, 1961January 3, 2017
37MaineSusan CollinsRepublicanSt. Lawrence University (B.A.)December 7, 1952January 3, 2021
38MaineAngus KingIndependentDartmouth College (B.A.) University of Virginia (J.D.)March 31, 1944January 3, 2019
39MarylandBen CardinDemocraticUniversity of Pittsburgh (B.A.) University of Maryland, Baltimore (J.D.)October 5, 1943January 3, 2019
40MarylandBarbara MikulskiDemocraticMount Saint Agnes College (B.A.) University of Maryland, Baltimore (M.S.W.)July 20, 1936January 3, 2017
41MassachusettsEd MarkeyDemocraticBoston College (B.A.; J.D.)July 11, 1946January 3, 2021
42MassachusettsElizabeth WarrenDemocraticGeorge Washington University (attended) University of Houston (B.A.) Rutgers University, Newark (J.D.)June 22, 1949January 3, 2019
43MichiganGary PetersDemocraticAlma College (B.A.) University of Detroit Mercy (M.B.A.) Wayne State University (J.D.) Michigan State University (M.A.)December 1, 1958January 3, 2021
44MichiganDebbie StabenowDemocraticMichigan State University (B.A.; M.S.W.)April 29, 1950January 3, 2019
45MinnesotaAl FrankenDemocratic-Farmer-LaborHarvard University (B.A.)May 21, 1951January 3, 2021
46MinnesotaAmy KlobucharDemocratic-Farmer-LaborYale University (B.A.) University of Chicago (J.D.)May 25, 1960January 3, 2019
47MississippiThad CochranRepublicanUniversity of Mississippi (B.A.; J.D.)December 7, 1937January 3, 2021
48MississippiRoger WickerRepublicanUniversity of Mississippi (B.A.; J.D.)July 5, 1951January 3, 2019
49MissouriRoy BluntRepublicanSouthwest Baptist University (B.A.) Missouri State University (M.A.)January 10, 1950January 3, 2017
50MissouriClaire McCaskillDemocraticUniversity of Missouri (B.S.; J.D.)July 24, 1953January 3, 2019
51MontanaSteve DainesRepublicanMontana State University (B.S.)August 20, 1962January 3, 2021
52MontanaJon TesterDemocraticUniversity of Great Falls (B.S.)August 21, 1956January 3, 2019
53NebraskaDeb FischerRepublicanUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln (B.S.)March 1, 1951January 3, 2019
54NebraskaBen SasseRepublicanHarvard College (B.A.) St. John's College (M.A.) Yale University (M.A.; M.Phil.; Ph.D.)February 22, 1972January 3, 2021
55NevadaDean HellerRepublicanUniversity of Southern California (B.B.A.)May 10, 1960January 3, 2019
56NevadaHarry ReidDemocraticSouthern Utah University (attended) Utah State University (B.S.) George Washington University (J.D.)December 2, 1939January 3, 2017
57New HampshireKelly AyotteRepublicanPennsylvania State University (B.A.) Villanova University (J.D.)June 27, 1968January 3, 2017
58New HampshireJeanne ShaheenDemocraticShippensburg University of Pennsylvania (B.A.) University of Mississippi (M.A.)January 28, 1947January 3, 2021
59New JerseyCory BookerDemocraticStanford University (B.A; M.A.) The Queen's College, Oxford (M.A.) Yale University (J.D.)April 27, 1969January 3, 2021
60New JerseyBob MenendezDemocraticSaint Peter's College (B.A.) Rutgers School of Law (J.D.)January 1, 1954January 3, 2019
61New MexicoMartin HeinrichDemocraticUniversity of Missouri (B.S.) University of New Mexico (attended)October 17, 1971January 3, 2019
62New MexicoTom UdallDemocraticPrescott College (B.A.) University of Cambridge (LL.B.) University of New Mexico (J.D.)May 18, 1948January 3, 2021
63New YorkKirsten GillibrandDemocraticDartmouth College (B.A.) University of California, Los Angeles (J.D.)December 9, 1966January 3, 2019
64New YorkChuck SchumerDemocraticHarvard University (A.B.; J.D.)November 23, 1950January 3, 2017
65North CarolinaRichard BurrRepublicanWake Forest University (B.A.)November 30, 1955January 3, 2017
66North CarolinaThom TillisRepublicanChattanooga State Community College (attended) University of Maryland University College (B.S.)August 30, 1960January 3, 2021
67North DakotaHeidi HeitkampDemocraticUniversity of North Dakota (B.A.) Lewis and Clark College (J.D.)October 30, 1955January 3, 2019
68North DakotaJohn HoevenRepublicanDartmouth College (B.A.) Northwestern University (M.B.A.)March 13, 1957January 3, 2017
69OhioSherrod BrownDemocraticYale University (B.A.) The Ohio State University (M.P.A.; M.A.)November 9, 1952January 3, 2019
70OhioRob PortmanRepublicanDartmouth College (B.A.) University of Michigan (J.D.)December 19, 1955January 3, 2017
71OklahomaJim InhofeRepublicanUniversity of Tulsa (B.A.)November 17, 1934January 3, 2021
72OklahomaJames LankfordRepublicanUniversity of Texas at Austin (B.S.) Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.)March 4, 1968January 3, 2017
73OregonJeff MerkleyDemocraticStanford University (B.A.) Princeton University (M.P.P.)October 24, 1956January 3, 2021
74OregonRon WydenDemocraticUniversity of California, Santa Barbara (attended) Stanford University (B.A.) University of Oregon (J.D.)May 3, 1949January 3, 2017
75PennsylvaniaBob Casey, Jr.DemocraticCollege of the Holy Cross (B.A.) The Catholic University of America (J.D.)April 13, 1960January 3, 2019
76PennsylvaniaPat ToomeyRepublicanHarvard University (A.B.)November 17, 1961January 3, 2017
77Rhode IslandJack ReedDemocraticUnited States Military Academy (B.S.) Harvard University (M.P.A., J.D.)November 12, 1949January 3, 2021
78Rhode IslandSheldon WhitehouseDemocraticYale University (B.A.) University of Virginia (J.D.)October 20, 1955January 3, 2019
79South CarolinaLindsey GrahamRepublicanUniversity of South Carolina (B.A.; J.D.)July 9, 1955January 3, 2021
80South CarolinaTim ScottRepublicanPresbyterian College (attended) Charleston Southern University (B.S.)September 19, 1965January 3, 2017
81South DakotaMike RoundsRepublicanSouth Dakota State University (B.S.)October 24, 1954January 3, 2021
82South DakotaJohn ThuneRepublicanBiola University (B.A.) University of South Dakota (M.B.A.)January 7, 1961January 3, 2017
83TennesseeLamar AlexanderRepublicanVanderbilt University (B.A.) New York University (J.D.)July 3, 1940January 3, 2021
84TennesseeBob CorkerRepublicanUniversity of Tennessee (B.S.)August 24, 1952January 3, 2019
85TexasJohn CornynRepublicanTrinity University (B.A.) St Mary's University (J.D.) University of Virginia (LL.M.)February 2, 1952January 3, 2021
86TexasTed CruzRepublicanPrinceton University (B.A.) Harvard University (J.D.)December 22, 1970January 3, 2019
87UtahOrrin HatchRepublicanBrigham Young University (B.A.) University of Pittsburgh (J.D.)March 22, 1934January 3, 2019
88UtahMike LeeRepublicanBrigham Young University (B.A.; J.D.)June 4, 1971January 3, 2017
89VermontPatrick LeahyDemocraticSaint Michael's College (B.A.) Georgetown University (J.D.)March 31, 1940January 3, 2017
90VermontBernie SandersIndependentBrooklyn College (attended) University of Chicago (B.A.)September 8, 1941January 3, 2019
91VirginiaTim KaineDemocraticUniversity of Missouri (B.A.) Harvard University (J.D.)February 26, 1958January 3, 2019
92VirginiaMark WarnerDemocraticGeorge Washington University (B.A.) Harvard University (J.D.)December 15, 1954January 3, 2021
93WashingtonMaria CantwellDemocraticMiami University (B.A.)October 13, 1958January 3, 2019
94WashingtonPatty MurrayDemocraticWashington State University (B.A.)October 11, 1950January 3, 2017
95West VirginiaJoe ManchinDemocraticWest Virginia University (B.S.)August 24, 1947January 3, 2019
96West VirginiaShelley Moore CapitoRepublicanDuke University (B.A.) University of Virginia (M.Ed.)November 26, 1953January 3, 2021
97WisconsinTammy BaldwinDemocraticSmith College (B.A.) University of Wisconsin - Madison (J.D.)February 11, 1962January 3, 2019
98WisconsinRon JohnsonRepublicanUniversity of Minnesota (B.A.)April 8, 1955January 3, 2017
99WyomingJohn BarrassoRepublicanRensselaer Polytechnic Institute (attended) Georgetown University (B.A.; M.D.)July 21, 1952January 3, 2019
100WyomingMike EnziRepublicanGeorge Washington University (B.S.) University of Denver (M.B.A.)February 1, 1944January 3, 2021

The Senate is one of the two houses of legislature (Congress) of the United States of America. The other is the House of Representatives. The Senate was established in 1789 at the start of the US as An entity to put a check on the House of Representatives. Every state of the country, regardless of population, elects two Senators for a term of six years. The Senate is also nicknamed as “the house that never dies” because the terms of around one-third of the membership expire every two years.

It is an important organ of the administration of the United States and is responsible for all lawmaking within the country, along with the House of Representatives. After both the houses approve an identical document, only then an act of Congress can become valid.

Roles and responsibilities of the Senate

  • The Senate can review and provide advice on presidential appointments and nominations.

  • The senate can ratify treaties by a majority vote.

  • If necessary, the Senate can elect the Vice-President of the United States.

  • The Senate can create new legislation – bills, laws, among others.

  • It can consider any legislation and bills that have been introduced by the President of the United States.

  • It can also “try” any impeachment proceedings that have been started in the House of Representatives.

Interesting Facts on US Senate

  • The word “senator” comes from sensex, which in Latin means “old man”.

  • Democrat Rebecca Felton was the first female to be appointed as a Senator in 1922.

  • Robert C. Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia, was the longest serving Senator. He served for 51 years from 1959 to 2010.

  • The longest speech in the history of the US Senate was delivered by Strom Thurmond. His speech against the Civil Rights Act lasted for 24 hours and 18 minutes.

  • Andrew Johnson was the first former president to be elected Senator. He was elected in 1875.

US Senate elections

The Senate’s 100 members are elected for six-year terms, two from each state. The seats up for election during a particular year constitute a "class". The classes follow a staggered pattern wherein just one (that is, a third of the total) of the three groups gets renewed after every two years.

Interestingly, before 1913, state legislatures and not the voters of the state, elected the senators.

Today, all registered voters of a state may vote for electing the senator.

The candidate getting the most votes is the winner even if he or she does not win the majority votes. So in a three-way race, it’s possible for a candidate winning less than 50% of the votes to become the senator. This is called the rule of plurality.

To contest as a candidate for becoming a senator, he or she needs to be at least 30 years of age at the time of taking the oath of office, the US citizen (for at least nine years), and a resident of the state of election.


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