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Hillary Clinton Fundraising

Hillary Clinton fundraising

Reports say that in the month of June 2016, Clinton-headlined fundraisers have raised around $34 million. Hillary Clinton has headlined 18 fundraisers in 18 states of the country. Four fundraisers in California and Colorado have raised in excess of $4 million dollars. Meanwhile, numbers derived from the Federal Election Commission have revealed that for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, lobbyists have till now raised around $7 million. This figure reveals the money that federally registered lobbyists have bundled for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign from 2015 all through the campaign till June 30, 2016. Bundlers are people who raise an amount of more than $17,600 from family, friends and colleagues. Further, $2 million have been raised by the lobbyists for the Hillary Victory Fund.

Last Updated on: August 10, 2016