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Map of Greece Election Results 2015

Greek Election Results 2015
Description : Greece Election Results 2015 Map Disclaimer

Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Compare Infobase Limited, its directors and employees do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.

Greece Election Results Sept 2015
Votes %±ppWon+/−
Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA)1.920.53835.470.871454
New Democracy (ND)1.521.06228.090.28751
Popular Association-Golden Dawn (ΧΑ)378.6826.990.71181
Democratic Coalition (PASOK-DIMAR)[a]340.0896.281.12174
Communist Party of Greece (KKE)300.4035.550.0815±0
The River (Potami)221.3244.091.96116
Independent Greeks-National Patriotic Alliance (ANEL)199.7473.691.06103
Union of Centrists (EK)185.9173.431.6499
Popular Unity (LAE)154.6912.86New0±0
Greek Anticapitalist Left-Workers Revolutionary Party (ANTARSYA-EEK)45.9340.850.170±0
United Popular Front (EPAM)41.5030.77New0±0
Society (Koinonia)35.5150.66New0±0
Recreate Greece (DX)28.8460.53New0±0
Democrats-Society of Values-Pirate Party of Greece (D-KA-KPE)15.2250.28New0±0
Marxist–Leninist Communist Parties of Greece (KKE (m-l)/M-L KKE)8.9310.160.030±0
Patriotic Union-Greek Popular Gathering (ELAS)6.2520.120.040±0
Greek People's Democratic Liberation (ELLADA)4.4220.080.050±0
Organisation of Communist Internationalists of Greece (OKDE)2.3670.040.010±0
Organisation for the Reconstruction of the KKE (OAKKE)2.2570.04New0±0
Independent candidates1.1390.02±0.000±0
Total 100 300

Parliamentary Election: 2015
On January 25, 2015 Greece voted to elect members to the 300 seat Hellenic Parliament.

Election snapshot:
Total seats: 300
Leading party: SYRIZIA ; Seats: 149
Coalition Partner: ANEL ; Seats: 13
Registered voters: 9,911,495
Votes cast: 6,330,786
Valid votes: 6,181,274
Invalid ballots: 114,703
Blank ballots: 34,809
Abstentions: 3,580,709

The 2015 election was unique on account of several reasons. 134 out of 300 Members of Parliament were voted in for the first time. This Parliament has 68 women Members of Parliament, the highest representation of women in parliament, till date. For the first time, Members were given the option to take a civil oath instead of a religious one and most decided to opt for the civil oath.

For the first time, the Left-wing party SYRIZIA emerged as the leading party with 149 seats. The constitution mandates a minimum of 151 seats for a party/coalition to form the government, therefore the Alexis Tsipras-led SYRIZIA reached out to Panos Kammenos-led ANEL in a coalition agreement to form the government. On January 26, 2015 Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as Prime Minister.

SYRIZIA’s remarkable performance comes in the backdrop of serious financial crisis being faced by Greece, with the strong discontent and opposition from the people to further austerity measures being implemented on pressure from the European Union (EU), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB).

People discontent can be gauged by the fact that the earlier leading party, the Antonis Samaras-led New Democracy (ND) was down to just 76 seats from 129, won in last elections held in 2012. Evangelos Venizelos-led PASOK, ND’s coalition partner, won only 13 seats from 33 won in 2012. However, Stavros Theodorakis-led To Potami, despite being a new party, managed to win 17 seats polling 6.05% votes.

Notable absentee from the Parliament was George Papandreou, former Prime Minister and former Chairman of PASOK. This was the first time since 1923 that a member of the Papandreou family was not represented in Parliament.

The number of Members of Parliament elected for the first time were 88 from SYRIZIA, New Democracy-14, Golden Dawn-5, To Potami-14, KKE-5, ANEL-6, PASOK-3.

Party-wise results in 2015
Leader: Alexis Tsipras; representing Athens A
Seats won in 2015: 149
Seat won in 2012: 71
Popular vote: 2,246,064
Percentage polled: 36.34%

Party: New Democracy (ND)
Leader: Antonis Samaras; representing Messenia
Seats won in 2015: 76
Seat won in 2012: 129
Popular vote: 1,718,815
Percentage polled: 27.81%

Party: Golden Dawn (XA)
Leader: Nikolaos Michaloliakos ; representing Athens A
Seats won in 2015: 17
Seat won in 2012: 18
Popular vote: 388,447
Percentage polled: 6.28%

Party: The River (To Potami)
Leader: Stavros Theodorakis ; representing Chania
Seats won in 2015: 17
Seat won in 2012: Did not stand
Popular vote: 373,916
Percentage polled: 6.05%

Party: Communist Party of Greece (KKE)
Leader: Dimitris Koutsoumpas; representing Athens B
Seats won in 2015: 15
Seat won in 2012: 12
Popular vote: 338,138
Percentage polled: 5.47%

Party: Independent Greeks (ANEL)
Leader: Panos Kammenos ; representing Athens B
Seats won in 2015: 13
Seat won in 2012: 20
Popular vote: 293,406
Percentage polled: 4.8%

Party: Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK)
Leader: Evangelos Venizilos ; representing Thessaloniki A
Seats won in 2015: 13
Seat won in 2012: 33
Popular vote: 289,482
Percentage polled: 4.7%


Region-wise vote share between the two top parties; SYRIZIA & ND

The regions where SYRIZIA got a higher vote share over ND were:
Achaea (43.06%), Aetolia-Akarnania (36.53%), Arta (44.14%), Athens A (33.61%), Athens B (37.08%), Attica (37.08%), Boeotia (41.55%), Cephalonia (38.25%), Chalkidiki (33.51%), Chania (43.10%), Corfu (44.92%), Corinthia (36.77%), Cyclades (35.12%), Dodecanese (33.26%), Elis (37.93%), Euboea (40.51%), Evrytania (37.13%), Florina (36.31%), Imathia (33.94%), Ioannina (39.57%), Heraklion (47.85%), Karditsa (38.91%), Kavala (31.27%), Kozani (33.11%), Larissa (36.14%), Lasithi (43.50%), Lefkada (36.00), Lemnos (32.94%), Magnesia (40.28%), Naxos (35.12%), Phocis (34.77%), Phthiotis (35.71%), Piraeus A (34.40%), Piraeus B (42.07%), Preveza (37.94%), Rethymno (39.55%), Rhodope (48.45%), Samos (36.17%), Thessaloniki A (34.12%), Thessaloniki B (31.61%), Trikala (36.16%), Xanthi (45.40%), Zakynthos (42.99%).

The regions where ND got a higher vote share over SYRIZIA were:
Argolida (33.76%), Arkadia (36.13%), Chios (38.89%), Drama (34.51%), Evros (37.08%), Kastoria (38.78%), Laconia (35.79%), Messenia (37.96%), Pieria (34.08%), Serres (37.44%), Thesprotia (37.61%).

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Greek Election Results 2012
Description : Greece Election Results 2012 Map Disclaimer

Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Compare Infobase Limited, its directors and employees do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.

S. NoPolitical partyParty Leader(s)Votes %of VotesSeatsSeats gain/loss
1New Democracy (ND)Antonis Samaras182549729.6612921
2Syriza Unionist Social Front (SYRIZA)Alexis Tsipras165502226.897119
3Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK)Evangelos Venizelos75602412.2833-8
4Independent Greeks (ANEL)Panos Kammenos4624067.5120-13
5Golden Dawn (XA)Nikolaos Michaloliakos4260256.9218-3
6Democratic Left (DIMAR)Fotis Kouvelis3849866.2517-2
7Communist Party of Greece (KKE)Aleka Papariga2772274.512-14
8Recreate Greece - Action - Liberal Alliance (DX-DRASI-FS)T. Tzimeros / S. Manos / G. Vallianatos981401.590-
9Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS)Georgios Karatzaferis970991.580-
10Ecologist Greens (OP)Six-member committee544080.880-
11I Don't Pay MovementVasilis Papadopoulos236990.390-
12Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow (ANTARSYA)21-member committee204160.330-
13Society: Political Party of the Successors of KapodistriaMichail Iliadis177700.290-
14Union of Centrists (EK)Vassilis Leventis171450.280-
15Pirate Party of Greece (KPE)I. Panagopoulos141700.230-
16Panathinaikos Movement (PANKI)Yiorgos Betsikas124590.20-
17Communist (Marxist-Leninist) / Marxist-Leninist CommunistFour-member committee75920.120-
18National Hope (EE)Yiorgios Papadopoulos42900.070-
19Liberal Party (LIBERTAS)Manolis Kaligiannis6230.010-
20Independent candidatesNA38500-
21National Resistance Movement (KEAN)Ippokratis Savvouras8100-
22Panagrarian Labour Movement of Greece (PAEKE)Miltiadis Tzalazidis000-

S. No2012 Election Result Summary  
1Valid votes615546499.01
2Invalid votes359610.58
3Blank votes253730.41
5Total electorate and voter turnout994787662.49

Last Updated : September 22, 2015