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Hillary vs Trump - Facts & Infographic

By now, it is clear that the November 8 presidential elections will witness a face-off between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Though, right from the beginning, it was speculated that Hillary would bag the Democratic presidential nomination, but it is Donald Trump’s spectacular
victories in most of the primaries that forms the highlight of the 2016 US presidential elections.

Now, as the two candidates make preparation for the final battle for the White House let us compare the two presidential hopefuls.

Disagreements Between Hillary, Trump Over Issues
  • There are a number of issues on which the two presidential candidates disagree. While Hillary is strongly in favor of abortion and says it is a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decision, Donald Trump is vehemently opposed to it.
  • Same-sex marriage is another issue that Hillary is comfortable with; however, Trump is again opposed to the idea.
  • Both of them also have disagreements on EPA regulations are too restrictive. While Hillary strongly disagrees, Trump agrees.
  • The only issue on which the two candidates agree is to make voter registration easier.

Ad Expenditure of Clinton and Trump
In a bid to lock up the GOP presidential nomination, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has spent $47 million. In comparison, Hillary Clinton’s has spent a whopping $158 million.

Delegates Count of Clinton and Trump
Hillary Clinton has a total delegate count of 2205, of which 1,683 are pledged while 522 are super delegates. The total number of delegates needed to qualify for the Democratic presidential nomination is 2,383. Just 178 short, Hillary Clinton is on the verge of victory.

Meanwhile, with Ted Cruz and John Kasich bowing out of the presidential race, it will now be smooth sailing for Donald Trump. He has 1,053 delegates (after the Indiana Primary), out of the 1,237 needed for victory. With a few more primaries left and 514 delegates still available, Donald Trump is inches short of grabbing the Republican presidential nomination.

Opinion Polls
If polls are to be believed, Hillary Clinton is slightly ahead of Donald Trump in the race to the White House. A CNN/ORC poll, which was released on May 4, says that Clinton is ahead of Trump nationwide, 54 to 41 per cent. Meanwhile, a Suffolk/USA Today poll from the end of April showed Clinton up 11 points, 50 to 39 percent, while a CBS News poll from mid-April showed Clinton ahead of Trump, 50 to 40 per cent.

Celebrity Endorsements for Hillary and Trump


Last Updated on: June 02, 2016