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Florida Election Results 2016 Map by County

Donald Trump Won the Presidency (Road to 270 - 270 of 538 Electoral Votes Needed to Win)

Florida Presidential Election Results Map 2008 Vs 2012

Florida Presidential Election Results Map 2008 Vs 2012
Description : Florida map showing party wise Presidential Election Results of 2008 and 2012. Disclaimer

US presidential election in Florida, 2012

PartyCandidateVotesPercentageElectoral votes
DemocraticBarack Obama423775650.01%29
RepublicanMitt Romney416344749.13%0
LibertarianGary Johnson447260.53%0
GreenJill Stein89470.11%0
Peace and Freedom PartyRoseanne Barr81540.10%0
Objectivist PartyTom Stevens38560.05%0
Justice PartyRocky Anderson17540.02%0
America's PartyTom Hoefling9460.01%0
ReformAndre Barnett8200.01%0
SocialistStewart Alexander7990.01%0
Socialism and LiberationPeta Lindsay3220.01%0

US presidential election in Florida, 2008

PartyCandidateVotesPercentageElectoral votes
DemocraticBarack Obama428236750.91%27
RepublicanJohn McCain404621948.10%0
EcologyRalph Nader281280.33%0
Write InsNA204140.24%0
LibertarianBob Barr172200.20%0
ConstitutionChuck Baldwin79150.09%0
GreenCynthia A. McKinney28870.03%0
America's IndependentAlan Keyes25500.03%0
Socialism and LiberationGloria LaRiva15160.02%0
Boston TeaCharles Jay7970.01%0
Socialist WorkersRoger Calero5330.01%0
ObjectivistThomas R. Stevens4190.00%0
SocialistBrian Moore4050.00%0
ProhibitionGene Amondson2930.00%0
IndependentRon Paul1740.00%0
IndependentNone of these candidates230.00%0
PastafarianBranden Vickery4200.00%0

The much anticipated results of the US Presidential elections were finally declared late on November 8, 2016. The Republican Party has scored a landslide victory. Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence are going to be the next President and Vice President of the USA.

Following its decisive victory in Pennsylvania, the GOP looks set to hold sway in the US Senate as well.

Having secured 264 electoral votes already and leading in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona, Donald Trump looks set to become the next president of the USA. He's just four more votes away from winning the elections.

The Republicans' dominance in the US House of Representatives is set to continue. While the party may find it difficult to retain majority in the Senate, continued Republican dominance in the House could hamper any legislative agenda taken up by Clinton, in case she is elected. On the other hand, Trump's victory could lead to a prompt demise of outgoing President and Democrat member Barack Obama's health reforms.

In what may come as another setback for Hillary Clinton, as per latest reports, Republican Pat Toomey has been re-elected to the Senate from Pennsylvania.

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Delegate count for each candidate in the Florida primaries/caucuses

CandidatesTotal Votes% VotesDel.
Marco Rubio636653270
Ted Cruz40364017.10
Donald Trump107722145.7099
John Kasich000
Ben Carson000
Rand Paul000
Jeb Bush000
Carly Fiorina000

CandidatesTotal Votes% VotesDel.
Hillary Clinton109740064.40141
Bernie Sanders56660333.373

Florida Presidential Election Results Map 2004 Vs 2008

Florida Election Results 2004 Vs 2008
Description : The Map showing 2004 Vs 2008 United States presidential elections results of Florida Counties.

US presidential election in Florida, 2004

PartyCandidateRunning mateVotesPercentageElectoral votes
RepublicanGeorge W. Bush (Inc.)Dick Cheney396452252.10%27
DemocraticJohn KerryJohn Edwards358354447.10%0
ReformRalph NaderPeter Camejo329710.40%0
LibertarianMichael BadnarikRichard Campagna119960.20%0
ConstitutionMichael PeroutkaChuck Baldwin66260.10%0
GreenDavid CobbPatricia LaMarche39170.10%0
SocialistWalt BrownMary Alice Herbert35020.10%0
Socialist WorkersRoger CaleroMargaret Trowe27320.00%0


2008 Vs 2012 US Presidential Election Results by State

AlabamaKentuckyNorth Dakota
ColoradoMichiganRhode Island
ConnecticutMinnesotaSouth Carolina
DelawareMississippiSouth Dakota
Dist of ColumbiaMissouriTennessee
IdahoNew HampshireVirginia
IllinoisNew JerseyWashington
IndianaNew MexicoWest Virginia
KansasNorth CarolinaWyoming

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Last Updated: November 08, 2016