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Hillary Clinton on Health Care

Hillary Clinton Healthcare

Hillary Clinton has, for the past two decades vociferously, led the fight to expand affordable and quality healthcare for every citizen of the United States. As first lady of the United States, she tried to enact the Clinton health plan of 1993; however, it failed. But that has not deterred her from working to ensure that Americans get access to quality and affordable healthcare.

As President, she not only promises to defend healthcare and build on its successes but also aims at reducing costs for the benefit of Americans at large. Hillary Clinton believes that reducing the cost of purchasing health insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchanges is of prime importance to expand coverage for families.

She has vowed that she would take some strong measures such as cracking down on drug companies that are charging excessive prices and slowing the growth of out-of-pocket costs. She also plans to provide a new credit to people who are facing high health expenses and also reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Clinton is a strong supporter of President Barack Obama's healthcare law and has lauded it for reducing the rate of uninsured Americans. Obama’s healthcare has been opposed by Republicans; however, Clinton has promised to defend it. Further, she wants to extend Obamacare to provide health coverage to illegal immigrants. She would also support new incentives that would encourage every state in the country to expand Medicaid.

People living in rural areas often face difficulty in getting access to quality and affordable healthcare. However, Hillary Clinton will work towards expanding healthcare access to people living in rural America. She has said that as President of the country, she would defend Planned Parenthood and also ensure that every woman has access to preventive care, affordable contraception, and safe, legal abortion.

Last Updated on: July 13, 2016