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MLB (Major League Baseball)

Widely popular as the nationl game of the United States, the game ignites a fervour in the minds and hearts of many Americans. The game in itself is simple and played with a bat and ball between two teams with nine players each. The teams take turns batting and running from one base to another. The other team pitches.

Each team tries to outdo the other by trying to score more runs by hitting the ball thrown by the pitcher with the baseball bat and base-running. There are nine innings to a game, where each pitching and fielding side tries to get the batting team out. The team with the most runs at the end of the game is the winning side.

The game has supposedly evolved from older bat-and-ball games, most notably from England and France. Brought by people immigrating to America, this game has taken a life of its own. It took root in America by the 19th century and developed into a full-fledged national sport by the later half of the same century.

Even though the exact inception and route of the origin of baseball is not surely known and widely debated, it is safe to say that in the land of Uncle Sam, the game has found its true appeal and can be treated no less than a religion.

Today, the game of baseball is popular not only in the U.S. but also in countries such as Canada, Japan and Cuba. It is played in areas as diverse as Central and South America, parts of Europe and east Asia.

In the U.S. And Canada, the game is famous through the Major League Baseball (MLB). It comprises of 30 teams from the U.S and Canada. The teams play throughout April to September. They play 162 games each season leading to the playoffs. The World Series happens in the month of October.


List of MLB World Series Champions

YearWinning teamGamesLosing team
2012San Francisco Giants(NL)4–0Detroit Tigers(AL)
2011St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–3Texas Rangers(AL)
2010San Francisco Giants(NL)4–1Texas Rangers(AL)
2009New York Yankees(AL)4–2Philadelphia Phillies(NL)
2008Philadelphia Phillies(NL)4–1Tampa Bay Rays(AL)
2007Boston Red Sox(AL)4–0Colorado Rockies(NL)
2006St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–1Detroit Tigers(AL)
2005Chicago White Sox(AL)4–0Houston Astros(NL)
2004Boston Red Sox(AL)4–0St. Louis Cardinals(NL)
2003Florida Marlins(NL)4–2New York Yankees(AL)
2002Anaheim Angels(AL)4–3San Francisco Giants(NL)
2001Arizona Diamondbacks(NL)4–3New York Yankees(AL)
2000New York Yankees(AL)4–1New York Mets(NL)
1999New York Yankees(AL)4–0Atlanta Braves(NL)
1998New York Yankees(AL)4–0San Diego Padres(NL)
1997Florida Marlins(NL)4–3Cleveland Indians(AL)
1996New York Yankees(AL)4–2Atlanta Braves(NL)
1995Atlanta Braves(NL)4–2Cleveland Indians(AL)
1994No World Series
1993Toronto Blue Jays(AL)4–2Philadelphia Phillies(NL)
1992Toronto Blue Jays(AL)4–2Atlanta Braves(NL)
1991Minnesota Twins(AL)4–3Atlanta Braves(NL)
1990Cincinnati Reds(NL)4–0Oakland Athletics(AL)
1989Oakland Athletics(AL)4–0San Francisco Giants(NL)
1988Los Angeles Dodgers(NL)4–1Oakland Athletics(AL)
1987Minnesota Twins(AL)4–3St. Louis Cardinals(NL)
1986New York Mets(NL)4–3Boston Red Sox(AL)
1985Kansas City Royals(AL)4–3St. Louis Cardinals(NL)
1984Detroit Tigers(AL)4–1San Diego Padres(NL)
1983Baltimore Orioles(AL)4–1Philadelphia Phillies(NL)
1982St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–3Milwaukee Brewers(AL[L1])
1981Los Angeles Dodgers(NL)4–2New York Yankees(AL)
1980Philadelphia Phillies(NL)4–2Kansas City Royals(AL)
1979Pittsburgh Pirates(NL)4–3Baltimore Orioles(AL)
1978New York Yankees(AL)4–2Los Angeles Dodgers(NL)
1977New York Yankees(AL)4–2Los Angeles Dodgers(NL)
1976Cincinnati Reds(NL)4–0New York Yankees(AL)
1975Cincinnati Reds(NL)4–3Boston Red Sox(AL)
1974Oakland Athletics(AL)4–1Los Angeles Dodgers(NL)
1973Oakland Athletics(AL)4–3New York Mets(NL)
1972Oakland Athletics(AL)4–3Cincinnati Reds(NL)
1971Pittsburgh Pirates(NL)4–3Baltimore Orioles(AL)
1970Baltimore Orioles(AL)4–1Cincinnati Reds(NL)
1969New York Mets(NL)4–1Baltimore Orioles(AL)
1968Detroit Tigers(AL)4–3St. Louis Cardinals(NL)
1967St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–3Boston Red Sox(AL)
1966Baltimore Orioles(AL)4–0Los Angeles Dodgers(NL)
1965Los Angeles Dodgers(NL)4–3Minnesota Twins(AL)
1964St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–3New York Yankees(AL)
1963Los Angeles Dodgers(NL)4–0New York Yankees(AL)
1962New York Yankees(AL)4–3San Francisco Giants(NL)
1961New York Yankees(AL)4–1Cincinnati Reds(NL)
1960Pittsburgh Pirates(NL)4–3New York Yankees(AL)
1959Los Angeles Dodgers(NL)4–2Chicago White Sox(AL)
1958New York Yankees(AL)4–3Milwaukee Braves(NL)
1957Milwaukee Braves(NL)4–3New York Yankees(AL)
1956New York Yankees(AL)4–3Brooklyn Dodgers(NL)
1955Brooklyn Dodgers(NL)4–3New York Yankees(AL)
1954New York Giants(NL)4–0Cleveland Indians(AL)
1953New York Yankees(AL)4–2Brooklyn Dodgers(NL)
1952New York Yankees(AL)4–3Brooklyn Dodgers(NL)
1951New York Yankees(AL)4–2New York Giants(NL)
1950New York Yankees(AL)4–0Philadelphia Phillies(NL)
1949New York Yankees(AL)4–1Brooklyn Dodgers(NL)
1948Cleveland Indians(AL)4–2Boston Braves(NL)
1947New York Yankees(AL)4–3Brooklyn Dodgers(NL)
1946St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–3Boston Red Sox(AL)
1945Detroit Tigers(AL)4–3Chicago Cubs(NL)
1944St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–2St. Louis Browns(AL)
1943New York Yankees(AL)4–1St. Louis Cardinals(NL)
1942St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–1New York Yankees(AL)
1941New York Yankees(AL)4–1Brooklyn Dodgers(NL)
1940Cincinnati Reds(NL)4–3Detroit Tigers(AL)
1939New York Yankees(AL)4–0Cincinnati Reds(NL)
1938New York Yankees(AL)4–0Chicago Cubs(NL)
1937New York Yankees(AL)4–1New York Giants(NL)
1936New York Yankees(AL)4–2New York Giants(NL)
1935Detroit Tigers(AL)4–2Chicago Cubs(NL)
1934St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–3Detroit Tigers(AL)
1933New York Giants(NL)4–1Washington Senators(AL)
1932New York Yankees(AL)4–0Chicago Cubs(NL)
1931St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–3Philadelphia Athletics(AL)
1930Philadelphia Athletics(AL)4–2St. Louis Cardinals(NL)
1929Philadelphia Athletics(AL)4–1Chicago Cubs(NL)
1928New York Yankees(AL)4–0St. Louis Cardinals(NL)
1927New York Yankees(AL)4–0Pittsburgh Pirates(NL)
1926St. Louis Cardinals(NL)4–3New York Yankees(AL)
1925Pittsburgh Pirates(NL)4–3Washington Senators(AL)
1924Washington Senators(AL)4–3New York Giants(NL)
1923New York Yankees(AL)4–2New York Giants(NL)
1922New York Giants(NL)4–0–(1)New York Yankees(AL)
1921New York Giants(NL)5–3New York Yankees(AL)
1920Cleveland Indians(AL)5–2Brooklyn Robins(NL)
1919Cincinnati Reds(NL)5–3Chicago White Sox(AL)
1918Boston Red Sox(AL)4–2Chicago Cubs(NL)
1917Chicago White Sox(AL)4–2New York Giants(NL)
1916Boston Red Sox(AL)4–1Brooklyn Robins(NL)
1915Boston Red Sox(AL)4–1Philadelphia Phillies(NL)
1914Boston Braves(NL)4–0Philadelphia Athletics(AL)
1913Philadelphia Athletics(AL)4–1New York Giants(NL)
1912Boston Red Sox(AL)4–3–(1)New York Giants(NL)
1911Philadelphia Athletics(AL)4–2New York Giants(NL)
1910Philadelphia Athletics(AL)4–1Chicago Cubs(NL)
1909Pittsburgh Pirates(NL)4–3Detroit Tigers(AL)
1908Chicago Cubs(NL)4–1Detroit Tigers(AL)
1907Chicago Cubs(NL)4–0–(1)Detroit Tigers(AL)
1906Chicago White Sox(AL)4–2Chicago Cubs(NL)
1905New York Giants(NL)4–1Philadelphia Athletics(AL)
1904No World Series  
1903Boston Americans(AL)5–3Pittsburgh Pirates(NL)

AL: American League
NL: National League