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U.S. Presidential Election 1836

The much anticipated results of the US Presidential elections were finally declared late on November 8, 2016. The Republican Party has scored a landslide victory. Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence are going to be the next President and Vice President of the USA.

Following its decisive victory in Pennsylvania, the GOP looks set to hold sway in the US Senate as well.

Having secured 264 electoral votes already and leading in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona, Donald Trump looks set to become the next president of the USA. He's just four more votes away from winning the elections.

The Republicans' dominance in the US House of Representatives is set to continue. While the party may find it difficult to retain majority in the Senate, continued Republican dominance in the House could hamper any legislative agenda taken up by Clinton, in case she is elected. On the other hand, Trump's victory could lead to a prompt demise of outgoing President and Democrat member Barack Obama's health reforms.

In what may come as another setback for Hillary Clinton, as per latest reports, Republican Pat Toomey has been re-elected to the Senate from Pennsylvania.

The 1836 presidential election was the thirteenth presidential election in the United States. Andrew Jackson's vice president during his second term, Martin Van Buren became the Democratic Party candidate for president.
Van Buren competed against four presidential candidates from the Whig Party, and emerged as the winner.

The Whig Party, created in 1833 out of the dissolution of the National-Republican Party and the Anti-Masonic Party, had an unusual strategy for the election of 1836. Because they were unable to reach an agreement on the party's presidential nominee, they decided to let several candidates run in hopes of taking away the majority Van Buren needed to secure the presidency. Then the decision would move to the House of Representatives, where they felt a Whig candidate would be selected.

The Whig Party's candidates were William Henry Harrison, Hugh White, Daniel Webster, and Willie Pearson Mangum, each from a different region of the country, with the intention of receiving support from their respective regions.

The Whig Party's scheme was unsuccessful, as its candidates failed to take enough votes away from Van Buren to necessitate a House of Representatives tiebreaker. Van Buren won the election with 170 votes to become the eighth President of the United States.

Instead of a House of Representatives tiebreaker among presidential candidates, the election of 1836 became the first and only vice presidential race to be decided by the Senate, as per the Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Senate voted and chose Richard Johnson as Van Buren's vice president.

Another strange turn of events during the 1836 presidential election was that none of the vice presidential candidates received a majority of votes. The election of 1836 became the first and only vice presidential race to be decided by the Senate, as per the Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Senate voted and chose Richard Johnson to be Van Buren's vice president.

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