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Hillary Clinton on Immigration

Hillary Clinton on Immigration

Over the last decade concerns have been raised for a tighter immigration law. But it seems that immigrants across the US have finally found a friend in Hillary Clinton. A vociferous supporter of immigrants, Hillary Clinton has vowed to work for their betterment if she were to become the President of the United States.

She is firmly in favor of immigrants being granted US citizenship and has advocated a comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship. Ending family detention and closing private immigration detention centers are some of her priority tasks. In case she wins the US Presidency, thousands of undocumented migrants would get an opportunity to become naturalized citizens of the country and contribute to the welfare of the nation in a much more positive way.

Though, the anti-immigrant camp may consider immigrants taking away American jobs, but Hillary opines that if investments are made in infrastructure enough jobs would be generated for every American. To ensure a fair and just immigration system, Hillary had, in mid April of 2016, announced that if elected as the President of the country, she would be creating the first ever office of immigrant affairs.

Immigrants need to be integrated in the American system so that they can make a positive contribution to the country. There are currently around 42 million immigrants in the United States. This number forms around 13 per cent of the overall population of the country. But many immigrants face barriers that act as a hindrance in their complete participation in their new home. These include education, economic and language barriers. Hillary Clinton will ensure that these barriers are broken down so that immigrants are fully integrated in the American society.

Last Updated on: July 13, 2016