Hillary Clinton on the Issues

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Hillary Clinton has voiced her opinion on a number of issues, ranging from immigration, gun control, economy and healthcare to abortion and taxes. Listed below are Hillary Clinton’s views on…

Hillary Clinton has voiced her opinion on a number of issues, ranging from immigration, gun control, economy and healthcare to abortion and taxes. Listed below are Hillary Clinton’s views on some of the main issues.

Gun Control

Taking umbrage at the fact that more than 33,000 Americans are killed in gun violence every year, Hillary Clinton has made it clear that as President she would take on the gun lobby.

To keep America safe, it is imperative that guns should not fall into wrong hands and for this she has promised to keep guns away from terrorists, criminals and other undesirable elements.

She has argued for comprehensive background checks and closing loopholes that enable criminals to obtain guns.


Hillary Clinton supports a comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship.

She has also vowed to close private immigrant detention centers and end family detention.

She said that upon becoming president she would help more eligible people to become naturalized citizens of the country.


Hillary Clinton supports abortion.

She is in favor of ‘Planned Parenthood’ and has promised to oppose Republican efforts to defund it.

She has maintained that she would support women’s access to critical health services. This includes safe and legal abortion.

Foreign policy

Promising to restore America’s leadership in the world, Hillary Clinton has stressed on maintaining a cutting-edge military.

She has emphasized on cultivating new partners and strengthening alliances.

Taking note of the growing threat of the ISIS, Hillary Clinton has said that it would be her priority to defeat the militant group.


In an effort to help American working families to manage increasing costs, Hillary Clinton has suggested giving them a raise and tax relief.

To strengthen the economy, Hillary Clinton suggests investing in clean energy, infrastructure, and scientific and medical research.

She supports raising the federal minimum wage to $15 and also closing the corporate tax loopholes in order to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes.

Gay marriages

Supporting gay marriages, Hillary Clinton has stated that making certain lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender Americans have full equality under the law of the land is her responsibility.

She has also promised to end discrimination in housing, schools, employment and other aspects of public and professional life phases.


Hillary Clinton has promised to defend the Affordable Care Act.

As President, she would target drug companies that are charging excessively.

She supports more options for undocumented people so that they can get access to healthcare.

Economy and jobs

As President, she wants to build an economy that works for every citizen of the country.

Cutting taxes for the shrinking middle class and raising the minimum wage rates are high on her priority list.

She is against any new trade agreements unless they raise wages, create more jobs and improve the national security of the country.

Young people will also be given a chance to set up their enterprises.

Civil liberties

She is in favor of the USA Freedom Act. She said the act, which was signed by Barack Obama into law, protects privacy while enabling the law enforcement and intelligence agencies to keep the country safe.

She advocates for equal pay for women.


In an attempt to provide a safer environment for Americans, Hillary Clinton has called for a number of measures and strategies to be adopted.

She has suggested that, in a bid to improve accountability police should be given body cameras, substance abuse treatment should be increased and resources should be aimed at criminals who pose a threat.

She suggests that mass incarceration should be ended.


Hillary Clinton is focused on saving the environment. Some of her views on the issue include making significant investments in clean energy, and stopping tax giveaways to big oil and gas companies.

She has also stated that as president she would refuse drilling in the Arctic.


In an effort to make education accessible to every student, Clinton has suggested to make college affordable.

As President, she’d resolved to ensure that every child in America would get access to a world-class education.

National Security

To provide safety and security to her countrymen, Hillary Clinton aims to dismantle global terror networks that supply terrorists.

She is also in favor of increasing defenses at home both against external as well as homegrown terrorists.


As President, Hillary Clinton wants the United States to have half a billion solar panels by 2020.

Further, in the next ten years she wants the United States to generate enough renewable energy to power every home in the country.

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