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2016 US presidential elections: Major issues

It is just a matter of months before the United States would be electing its new President. The past few months have witnessed hectic Democratic and Republican debates on issues of national and international importance. Some of these turned unsavory earning condemnation from the press and public alike. Nevertheless, major issues concerning the United States were brought forth by the candidates, who even highlighted the ways in which they would tackle them. Let us take a look at some of the pressing issues that have been at the forefront in the 2016 US presidential elections.

1. Gun Culture

The gun culture has become a major cause for worry for the United States. There has been an alarming rise in shooting incidents forcing authorities to ponder whether controlling guns would lessen shooting-related crimes in the country. The Republicans and Democrats have diametrically opposite views on the issue. The Democrats are in favor of more regulations of guns in order to protect lives. Meanwhile, the GOP is not in favor of regulating guns with the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump arguing that had people been armed, terror-related incidents such as the San Bernardino shooting and Paris attacks might not have been as deadly as they turned out to be.

2. Immigration

Immigration has been a sensitive issue in the US. While Democrats are slightly inclined towards assimilation of immigrants living in the US. They have been advocating a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants. However, the Republicans have not been so supportive. They have suggested limited immigration and enforcement of border security in view of the national safety.

3. Foreign Policy

Much focus was centered on the ISIS with many candidates spelling out their strategies to arrests the march of the Sunni-militant group. Other issues that came up for consideration included the Paris attacks and San Bernardino shootings, the prolonged involvement of the US troops in Afghanistan, increased tensions with Russia and nuclear deal with Iran.

4. Health Care

Health care has been much talked about in the 2016 US presidential elections, especially President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. While the Republicans want the act to be repealed and replaced, Democrats are in favor of expanding access to healthcare.

5. Economy and jobs

As with the previous elections, in 2016 too, the state of the economy and jobs has been a central figure in the elections. While many Americans seem disillusioned, candidates have tried to assuage people’s fears by laying out plans to improve the economy and provide more opportunities. Laying the blame squarely on countries such as China, Mexico, and India, which Trump feels are stealing American jobs, the Republican front-runner has promised to bring them back. Meanwhile, Sanders has lamented that the economy benefits only millionaires and billionaires. Hillary Clinton, too, feels that the US economy is still not delivering for the ordinary Americans.

Last Updated on: June 13, 2016