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Where is Amarillo , Texas

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Where is Amarillo , Texas
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  Facts About Amarillo  
City Name Amarillo
ContinentNorth America
CountryUnited State (USA)
Capital and largest cityNA
Area90.3 sq mi (233.9 km2)
Population190,695 (2010)
Lat Long35°11′57″N 101°50′43″W
Official LanguageNo official language
Calling Code806
Time ZoneCST (UTC−6) Summer (DST) CDT (UTC−5)
AirportRick Husband Amarillo International Airport
Neighbour CountriesMississippi, Arkansas, Texas
Internet TLD.ca
CurrencyUnited State Dollar (USD)

Location: Amarillo
Latitude: 35.13N
Longitude: 101.50E
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Last Updated On : September 28, 2015

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