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Where is New Mexico on the Map

by Vishal Kumar

The state of New Mexico is situated on the southwestern region of the United States.

New Mexico shares a border with Texas and Oklahoma to the east, and Arizona borders the state to the west. Colorado borders New Mexico to the north and Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico, border the state to the south.

The New Mexico Map clearly defines the geographical location of the state. The state of New Mexico is situated within the coordinates 34.0° N, 106.0° W in the southwestern part of the United States.

New Mexico shares its northern border with Colorado, the southern border with Texas and the Mexican State of Chihuahua, the eastern border with Oklahoma and Texas, and western border with Arizona. New Mexico has a total area of 121,593 square miles. The total land area of the state is 121,335 square miles. The total inland water area of New Mexico is 258 square miles. Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico. Albuquerque is the largest city of the state.

Facts About New Mexico

State Name New Mexico
Continent North America
Country United States (USA)
Capital Santa Fe
Largest city Albuquerque
Area 121,589 sq mi (315,194 km2)
Population 2,085,572 (2014 est)
Lat Long 34° 0′ 0″ N, 106° 0′ 0″ W
Official Language Spanish but isn’t recognized
Calling Code 00 1 505 X (Albuquerque), 00 1 505 X (Santa Fe)
Time Zone Mountain: UTC −7/−6
Airport 8- Airports (Commercial Service)
Neighbour State Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma
Internet TLD NA
Currency United States Dollar (USD)

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