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Where is Pennsylvania located?

by Vishul Malik

Pennsylvania is located in the northeast of USA.

Where is Pennsylvania located?


Geographical Location of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is geographically situated in the northeastern part of the United States of America within the coordinates 41.0° N, 77.5° W. It shares its northern border with New York, eastern border with New Jersey and New York, southeastern border with Delaware, southern border with Maryland and West Virginia, western border with West Virginia and Ohio, and northwestern border with Lake Erie.

Facts About Pennsylvania

State Name Pennsylvania
Continent North America
Country United States (USA)
Capital Harrisburg
Largest city Philadelphia
Area 46,055 sq mi (119,283 km2)
Population 12,787,209 (2014 est)
Lat Long 41.0000° N, 77.5000° W
Official Language None (English, de facto)
Calling Code 00 1 717 X (Harrisburg), 00 1 267 X (Philadelphia)
Time Zone Eastern: UTC −5/−4
Airport 15- Airports- Commercial service
Neighbour State New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, New York, Delaware, West Virginia
Internet TLD NA
Currency United States Dollar (USD)

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