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Where is Alva Located in Oklahoma, USA

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Where is Alva , Oklahoma
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Location: Alva
Latitude: 36.48N
Longitude: 98.40W
Sand, snakes, caverns, parks, music, theatre, concerts- just name it and Alva has something for almost everyone. Alva is a progressive city in the Woods County, in northwest Oklahoma, USA. It is the county seat of Woods County and lies along the Salt Fork Arkansas River.

It lies at the center of a tourism triangle created by the Little Sahara State Park, Alabaster Caverns and the Great Salt Plains. Travel to Oklahoma to rejoice in the pleasure of digging crystals at the Great Salt Plains State Park, or to relax in the sand and sun at the Little Sahara State Park or discover the charm of Alabaster Caverns. The Great Salt Plain located just 17 miles east of Alva, is the only place in the world to find hourglass, selenite crystals. The Great Salt Plains Lake is an area to indulge in boating, fishing, and camping. The 200-acre Alabaster Caverns State Park, located at a short distance from Alva, has the magnificent and mysterious Alabaster Caverns, which are the largest commercially, operated gypsum caves in the world. The Little Sahara State Park, located 28 miles southwest of Alva, is a place where visitors go to "ride the dunes" as well as participate in the annual Rattlesnake Hunt.

The Alva Sports Complex is one of the finest sports facilities of the area. The city also houses the Northwestern Oklahoma State University and the Alva museums like, the Cherokee Strip Museum and the Northwestern Museum. One can enjoy the vocal and band recitals offered by the Alva High School's choir, the Electric Gold, as well as that of other public schools. Alva's Western Motel, America's Best Inn Suites, Crooked Oak, Holiday Motel, Ranger Inn, etc. are some of the best hotels in Alva catering to the accommodation needs of visitors.

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