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Description: Find Tajikistan latitude and longitude map showing comprehensive details including cities, roads, towns, airports and much more. Disclaimer

Tajikistan is situated in the central part of Asia and its latitude and longitude readings are 39° 00' North and 71° 00' East.
The capital of Tajikistan, named Dushanbe is located in between 38° 35' North latitude and 68° 48' East longitude. This geographic coordinate of Tajikistan has placed the country in the west part of China. Moreover, the latitude and longitude of Tajikistan have great influence on its landscapes as well as on the weather also.

Tajikistan has a Standard Time that runs five hours ahead than the Greenwich Mean Time. The weather of Tajikistan has the features of both continental and subtropical climates. Changes in the climate are noticed according to the altitude. In the lower elevation areas the summer weather is very hot but dry and winter temperature goes often below 0° C and is very cold. Annual rainfall also varies according to the location. Precipitation is high in the glacier valley area of Tajikistan.

Locations Latitude Longitude
Communism Pk / Kommunizma, Pik39°00'N72°02'E
Garmo, Qullai / Kommunizma, Pik39°00'N72°02'E
Khodzent / Khujand40°17'N69°37'E
Khudzhand / Khujand40°17'N69°37'E
Kommunizma, Pik39°00'N72°02'E
Kulyab / Kulob37°55'N69°50'E
Leninabad / Khujand40°17'N69°37'E
Murgab / Murghob38°10'N74°02'E