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Vietnam Latitude and Longitude Map

Vietnam's latitude and longitude is 16° 0' N and 106° 0' E . Below is the map of Vietnam showing major towns, roads, airports with latitudes and longitudes plotted on it.

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Description: Find Vietnam latitude and longitude map showing comprehensive details including cities, roads, towns, airports and much more. Disclaimer

The latitude and longitude of Vietnam is 16° 0' N and 106° 0' E.
The total area which falls under the latitude and longitude of Vietnam is 329,560 sq. km. Vietnam is located in Southeastern Asia and borders the Gulf of Thailand, the Gulf of Ton kin and the South China Sea. Vietnam is a bit larger than New Mexico and has a coastline of 3,444sq km which does not include the Islands. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi and the latitude and longitude of the capital city are 21° 2 ' N and 105° 51' E respectively.

Vietnam is 12 hours ahead of Washington DC during standard time. The climate of Vietnam ranges from being tropical in the north to rainy in the northern part. The rainy season falls between May to September and the warm dry season is from October to March. Vietnam also experiences a lot of flooding with the occurrence of typhoons around the Mekong river delta.

  • Locations Latitude Longitude
    An Bien09°45'N105°00'E
    An Hoa15°40'N108°05'E
    An Nhon13°55'N109°07'E
    An Thoi, Dao09°58'N104°00'E
    Ba Don 17°45'N106°26'E
    Ba Dong09°40'N106°33'E
    Ba Ngoi / Cam Lam11°54'N109°10'E
    Ba Tri10°02'N106°36'E
    Bac Can22°08'N105°49'E
    Bac Giang21°16'N106°11'E
    Bac Lieu09°17'N105°43'E
    Bac Ninh21°13'N106°04'E
    Bac Quang22°30'N104°48'E
    Bach Long Vi Dao20°10'N107°40'E
    Bai Bung, Mui / Ca Mau, Mui08°38'N104°44'E
    Bai Duc18°03'N105°49'E
    Bai Thuong19°54'N105°23'E
    Ban Don12°53'N107°48'E
    Ban Me Thuot / Buon Ma Thuot12°40'N108°03'E
    Ban Yen Nhan20°57'N106°02'E
    Bao Ha22°11'N104°21'E
    Bao Lac22°57'N105°40'E
    Barthelemy, Col19°26'N104°06'E
    Ben Luc10°39'N106°29'E
    Ben Quang17°03'N106°55'E
    Bien Hoa10°57'N106°49'E
    Binh Dinh / An Nhon13°55'N109°07'E
    Binh Khe13°57'N108°51'E
    Binh Son15°20'N108°40'E
    Black / Da21°15'N105°20'E
    Bo Duc11°58'N106°50'E
    Bon Sar Pa12°24'N107°35'E
    Bong Son / Hoai Nhon14°28'N109°01'E
    Buon Brieng13°09'N108°12'E
    Buon Ma Thuot12°40'N108°03'E
    Ca Mau09°07'N105°08'E
    Ca Ma, Mui08°38'N104°44'E
    Ca Na11°20'N108°54'E
    Cai Bau, Dao21°10'N107°27'E
    Cai Nuoc08°56'N105°01'E
    Cam Lam11°54'N109°10'E
    Cam Pha21°07'N107°18'E
    Cam Ranh11°54'N109°12'E
    Cam Xuyen18°15'N106°00'E
    Can Gio10°25'N106°58'E
    Can Tho10°02'N105°46'E
    Cao Bang22°40'N106°15'E
    Cao Lenh10°27'N105°38'E
    Cat Ba, Dao20°50'N107°00'E
    Catwick Is.10°00'N109°00'E
    Cha Pa22°20'N103°47'E
    Cham, Cu Lao15°57'N108°30'E
    Chau Doc10°42'N105°07'E
    Cheo Reo13°25'N108°28'E
    Chiem Hoa22°12'N105°17'E
    Cho Bo20°46'N105°10'E
    Cho Phuoc Hai10°26'N107°18'E
    Chon Thanh11°24'N106°36'E
    Chu Lai15°28'N108°45'E
    Cochin China / Nam-Phan10°30'N106°00'E
    Con Cuong19°02'N104°54'E
    Con Son08°41'N106°37'E
    Cu Lao Hon10°54'N108°18'E
    Cua Rao19°16'N104°27'E
    Da Lat11°56'N108°25'E
    Da Nang 16°04'N108°13'E
    Dai Hao18°01'N106°25'E
    Dak Nhe15°28'N107°48'E
    Dak Pek15°04'N107°44'E
    Dak Song12°19'N107°35'E
    Dak Sui14°55'N107°43'E
    Dam Doi08°50'N105°12'E
    Dam Ha21°21'N107°36'E
    Di Linh11°35'N108°04'E
    Di Linh, Cao Nguyen11°30'N108°00'E
    Dien Ban15°53'N108°16'E
    IEN Bien21°20'N103°00'E
    Dien Khanh12°15'N109°06'E
    Dinh, Mui11°22'N109°01'E
    Dinh Lap.21°33'N107°06'E
    Doan Hung21°30'N105°10'E
    Doc, Mui17°58'N106°30'E
    Dong BaThin12°08'N109°13'E
    Dong Dang21°54'N106°42'E
    Dong Giam19°25'N105°31'E
    Dong Ha16°55'N107°08'E
    Dong Hoi17°29'N106°36'E
    Dong Khe22°26'N106°27'E
    Dong Van23°16'N105°22'E
    Dong Xoai11°32'N106°55'E
    Duong Dong10°13'N103°58'E
    Falaise, Mui19°06'N105°45'E
    Gia Dinh10°49'N106°42'E
    Gia Lai / Ple Ku13°57'N108°00'E
    Gia Nghia11°58'N107°42'E
    Gia Ngoc14°50'N108°58'E
    Gia Vuc14°42'N108°34'E
    Go Cong10°22'N106°40'E
    Ha Coi21°26'N107°46'E
    Ha Dong20°58'N105°46'E
    Ha Giang22°50'N104°59'E
    Ha Tien10°23'N104°29'E
    Ha Tinh18°20'N105°54'E
    Ha Trung19°58'N105°50'E
    Hai Duong20°56'N106°19'E
    Ham Tan10°40'N107°45'E
    Ham Yen22°04'N105°03'E
    Hau Bon / Cheo Reo13°25'N108°28'E
    Hau Duc15°20'N108°13'E
    Ho Chi Minh City / Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh 10°58'N106°40'E
    Ho Thuong19°32'N105°48'E
    Hoa Binh20°50'N105°20'E
    Hoa Da11°16'N108°40'E
    Hoa Hiep11°34'N105°31'E
    Hoai Nhon14°28'N109°01'E
    Hoang Lien Son22°00'N104°00'E
    Hoi An 15°30'N108°19'E
  • Locations Latitude Longitude
    Hoi Xuan20°25'N105°09'E
    Hon Chong10°25'N104°30'E
    Hon Me19°23'N105°56'E
    Hong Gai20°57'N107°05'E
    Hung Yen20°39'N106°04'E
    Huong Hoa16°37'N106°45'E
    Huong Khe18°13'N105°41'E
    Keo Neua, Deo18°23'N105°10'E
    Khanh Duong12°44'N108°44'E
    Khe Bo19°08'N104°41'E
    Khe Long21°29'N104°46'E
    Khoai, Hon08°26'N104°50'E
    Kien Binh09°55'N105°19'E
    Kien Tan 10°07'N105°17'E
    Kon Tum14°24'N108°00'E
    Kon Tum, Plateau du14°30'N108°30'E
    Lac Thien12°25'N108°11'E
    Lai Chau22°05'N103°03'E
    Lang Qua22°16'N104°27'E
    Lang Son21°52'N106°42'E
    Lao Cai,22°30'N103°57'E
    Le Thuy17°14'N106°49'E
    Loc Binh21°46'N106°54'E
    Loc Ninh11°50'N106°34'E
    Long Thanh10°47'N106°57'E
    Long Xuyen10°19'N105°28'E
    Laun Chau21°38'N103°24'E
    Luc An Chau.22°06'N104°43'E
    Mac bac.09°46'N106°07'E
    Moc Chau20°50'N104°38'E
    Moc Hoa10°46'N105°56'E
    Mu Gia17°40'N105°47'E
    Muong Boum22°24'N102°49'E
    Muong Hung20°56'N103°53'E
    Muong Nhie22°12'N102°28'E
    Muong Sen19°24'N104°08'E
    Muong Xia20°19'N104°50'E
    My Tho10°29'N106°23'E
    Na Sam 22°03'N106°37'E
    Nam Can08°46'N104°59'E
    Nam Dinh 20°25'N106°05'E
    Nam Du, Hon09°41'N104°21'E
    Nape Pass / Keo Neua, Deo18°23'N105°10'E
    Nay, Mui12°55'N109°23'E
    Nghia Lo21°33'N104°28'E
    Nguyen Binh22°39'N105°56'E
    Nha Trang12°16'N109°10'E
    Nho Quan20°18'N105°45'E
    Ninh Binh 20°15'N105°55'E
    Ninh Giang20°44'N106°24'E
    Ninh Hoa12°30'N109°07'E
    Ninh Ma12°48'N109°21'E
    Panjang Hon09°20'N103°28'E
    Papien Chiang / Da21°15'N105°20'E
    Phan Rang11°34'N109°0'E
    Phan Ri / Hoa Da 11°16'N108°4'E
    Phan Thiet11°01'N108°09'E
    Phong Tho22°32'N103°21'E
    Phu Dien18°58'N105°31'E
    Phu Ly20°35'N105°20'E
    Phu Quoc Dao10°20'N104°0'E
    Phu Tho21°24'N105°13'E
    Phuc Yen 21°16'N105°45'E
    Plei Ku13°57'N108°0'E
    Quan Long / Ca Mau.09°07'N105°08'E
    Quajg Ngai 15°13'N108°58'E
    Quang Tri 16°45'N107°13'E
    Quang Yen20°56'N106°52'E
    QuiNhon 13°40'N109°13'E
    Quynh Nhai 21°49'N103°33'E
    Rach Gia10°05'N105°05'E
    Sa Dec10°20'N105°46'E
    Saigon /Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, 10°58'N106°40'E
    Sam Son 19°44'N105°54'E
    Soc Giang22°54'N106°1'E
    Soc Trang9°37'N105°50'E
    Son Ha 15°3'N108°34'E
    Son Hoa13°2'N108°58'E
    Son La21°20'N103°50'E
    Son Tay21°8'N105°30'E
    Song Cau13°27'N109°18'E
    Ta Lai11°24'N107°23'E
    Tam Chau10°48'N105°12'E
    Tam Ky.15°34'N108°29'E
    Tay Ninh11°20'N106°5'E
    Thai Binh 20°35'N106°1'E
    Thai Nguyen21°35'N105°55'E
    Than Uyen22°0'N103°54'E
    Thanh Hao19°48'N105°46'E
    Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh10°58'N106°40'E
    Thanh thuy22°55'N104°51'E
    Tho Vinh 19°16'N105°42'E
    Thuan Hao8°58'N105°30'E
    Thuong Tra16°2'N107°42'E
    Tien Yen21°20'N107°24'E
    Tinh Bien10°36'N104°57'E
    To Bong12°45'N109°16'E
    Tonkin / Bac Phan22°0'N105°0'E
    Tourane / Da Nang.16°4'N108°13'E
    Tra On9°58'N105°55'E
    Tuc Trung11°1'N107°12'E
    Tuy An13°17'N109°16'E
    Tuy Hao13°5'N109°10'E
    Tuy Phong11°14'N108°43'E
    Tuyen Quang21°50'N105°10'E
    Van Canh 13°7'N109°0'E
    Van Ninh 12°42'N109°14'E
    Van Yen21°4'N104°42'E
    Varella Mui12°54'N109°26'E
    Vi Thanh 9°42'N105°26'E
    Vinh Lnh10°16'N105°57'E
    Vinh Yen 21°21'N105°35'E
    Vo Dat 11°9'N107°31'E
    Vu Liet18°43'N105°23'E
    Vung Tau10°21'N107°4'E
    Xuan Loc10°56'N107°14'E
    Yen Bai21°42'N104°52'E

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