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Laos Latitude and Longitude Map

Laos's latitude and longitude is 18° 00'N and 105° 00' E . Below is the map of Laos showing major towns, roads, airports with latitudes and longitudes plotted on it.

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Description: Find Laos latitude and longitude map showing comprehensive details including cities, roads, towns, airports and much more. Disclaimer

The Lao People's Democratic Republic is situated at the South Asian geographic coordinates of 18°00'N latitude and 105°00'E longitude .

Also known as Muang Lao, the socialist republic of Laos traces it's origins to the Kingdom of Lan Xang, meaning Land of Many Elephants. After a period of French domination, Laos finally gained freedom in 1949. The capital of Laos is Vientiane, located at the geographic location of 17°58'N latitude and 102°36'E longitudes .

The latitude and longitude of Laos encompasses an area of 236,800 sq km. The land itself is divided into sixteen provinces or kang and a single municipality of kumpang nakon. The population of Laos is 6,521,998. The geographic latitude and longitude of Laos supports the following races - the Lao Loum, the Lao Theung, the Lao Soung and the Hmong and the Yao.

The geographic latitude and longitude of the region is responsible for Laos ' humid tropical weather and high temperatures. Monsoons last between the months of May to November and the Dry season lasts from December to April. The terrain of Laos is mostly dominated by rugged mountain ranges and plateaus. Some areas are thickly forested and the Mekong River flows through rich plains on the west.

  • Locations Latitude Longitude
    Ban Ban19°31'N103°30'E
    Ban Chik17°15'N102°22'E
    Ban Keun18°22'N102°35'E
    Ban Kheun20°13'N101°07'E
    Ban Lao Ngam15°28'N106°10'E
    Ban Muong Mo19°04'N103°58'E
    Ban Na Mo17°07'N105°40'E
    Ban Na Tong20°56'N101°47'E
    Ban Nam Bac20°38'N102°20'E
    Ban Nam Ma 22°02'N101°37'E
    Ban Ngang15°59'N106°11'E
    Ban Nong Bok17°05'N104°48'E
    Ban Nong Boua15°40'N106°33'E
    Ban Thahine14°12'N105°33'E
    Ban Xien Kok20°54'N100°39'E
    Bang Fai16°57'N104°45'E
    Bang Hieng 16°10'N105°10'E
    Boloven, Cao Nguyen15°10'N106°30'E
    Boun Neua21°38'N101°54'E
    Boun Tai21°23'N101°58'E
    Dong Hene16°40'N105°18'E
    Houei Sai20°18'N100°26'E
    Jarres, Plaine des19°27'N103°10'E
    Kene Thao17°44'N101°10'E
    Keng Kok16°26'N105°12'E
    Kham Keut18°15'N104°43'E
    Khong Sedone15°34'N105°49'E
    Lak Sao18°11'N104°59'E
    Lao Bao16°35'N106°30'E
    Luang Prabang 19°52'N102°10'E
    Muagn Khong 14°07'N105°51'E
    Muang pak Beng 19°54'N1041°08'E
    Muong Beng20°23'N101°46'E
    Muong Et20°23'N101°46'E
    Muong hai21°03'N101°49'E
    Muong Hiem20°05'N103°22'E
    Muong Houn20°08'N101°23'E
    Muong Kau15°06'N105°47'E
  • Locations Latitude Longitude
    Muong Khao19°38'N103°32'E
    Muong Khoua21°05'N102°31'E
    Muong Liep 18°29'N101°40'E
    Muong May14°49'N106°56'E
    Muong Ngeun20°36'N101°0°'E
    Muong Ngoi20°43'N102°41'E
    Muong Nong16°22'N106°3'E
    Muong Ou Tay16°22'N106°30'E
    Muong Qua 18°18'N101°20'E
    Muong Peun 20°13'N103°52'E
    Muong Phalane 16°39'N105°34'E
    Muong Phieng 19°06'N101°32'E
    Muong Sai20°42'N101°59'E
    Muong Saiapoun18°24'N101°31'E
    Muong Sing 21°11'N101°09'E
    Muong Son20°27'N103°19'E
    Muong Soui19°33'N102°52'E
    Muong Va21°53'N102°19'E
    Na Phao17°35'N105°44'E
    Nam Ngum Dam18°35'N102°34'E
    Nam Tha20°58'N101°30'E
    Nong Het19°29'N103°59'E
    Ou Neua22°18'N101°48'E
    Pak Lay 18°15'N101°27'E
    Pak Sane18°22'N103°39'E
    Pak Song15°11'N106°14'E
    Pak Suong 19°58'N102°15'E
    Phiafay 14°48'N106°0'E
    Phon Tiou17°53'N104°37'E
    Phong Saly 18°30'N102°25'E
    Phu Loi20°14'N103°14'E
    Sam Teu19°59'N104°38'E
    Sop Hao20°33'N104°27'E
    Tha Deua17°57'N102°53'E
    Vang Vieng18°58'N102°32'E
    Veing Pou Kha20°41'N101°4'E

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