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Yemen Latitude and Longitude Map
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Description: Find Yemen latitude and longitude map showing comprehensive details including cities, roads, towns, airports and much more. Disclaimer

Yemen is located within the latitude and longitude of 15° 0' N and 48° 0 ' E. Yemen is located in the Middle East. The Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea border Yemen. Yemen is situated between the countries of Oman and Saudi Arabia.
The total area of Yemen is 527,970 sq km and it is slightly larger than double the size of Wyoming. The capital city of Yemen is Sanaa and the latitude and longitude of the capital city are 15° 21' N and 44° 12' E. Yemen is 8 hours ahead of Washington DC during standard time. The total coastline of Yemen extends to a length of 1,906sq km.

The latitude and longitude of Yemen encloses an area which is mostly a desert. It also consists of a narrowly shaped coastal plain surrounded by rugged mountains. The climate of Yemen is a mix of hot, humid and temperate. The Western part experiences the effect of the seasonal monsoon. Towards the inner eastern region of Yemen, the climate gets unbearably hot. During summer, the temperature can go as high as up to 54° C and the winters are comparably cooler with the presence of frost in some parts. The average yearly temperature of the capital city of Sanaa is 18°C. Yemen also undergoes natural hazards in the form of dust and sandstorms.

Locations Latitude Longitude
Abd al Kuri12°05'N52°20'E
Aden / Al'Adan12°45'N45°00'E
Al 'Adan,12°45'N45°00'E
Al Hudaydah14°50'N43°00'E
Al Luhayyah15°45'N42°40'E
Al Mukalla14°33'N49°02'E
Al Mukha13°18'N43°15'E
Fartak, Ra's15°38'N52°15'E
Hadhramaut / Hadramawt15°30'N49°30'E
Hodeida / Al Hudaydah14°50'N43°00'E
Manar, Jabal14°02'N44°17'E
San 15°27'N44°12'E

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