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World Population 2010

World population map is a simple way of finding the current status of global population.
The world population map is an important and handy tool for students, researchers, and business people and many others.

Over the past few years, world's population has increased by huge numbers. By the year 1999, the total world population has crossed the six billion mark.

Estimates suggest that world population could touch 9.4 billion by the year 2050. In terms of population by region, 60% of the population resides in Asia which is about 3.8 billion people.

Population map of the world indicates that China is the most populated country with a population of 1,338 ahead of India at 1,189 million followed by other countries. About every 12 years, world population grows by 1 billion.

Top 10 populous countries 2010
Country Population (Millions)
China 1,338
India 1,189
United States 310
Indonesia 235
Brazil 193
Pakistan 185
Bangladesh 164
Nigeria 158
Russia 142
Japan 127
Source: Population Reference Bureau

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