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US Map showing States and Capitals

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This political reference map of the US presents an overview of the county, showing all the states, with their capitals, plus primary cities.

The United States is a federal constitutional republic, and is a diverse and culturally rich nation.

Spanning an area of 3.79 million square miles, the United States is bordered by Canada to the north, and Mexico to the south. It is made up of 50 states and a federal district that holds the countries capital.

The original 13 colonies revolted from British rule, and fought for their freedom. This action set the stage for the country for the next two centuries. Apart from revolution, most of the states were either purchased by the government or annexed. The last territory to get statehood was Hawaii, and it received statehood on August 21st, 1959.

The national capital is Washington DC, and it housed in a federal district called, the District of Columbia, DC.

Forty eight of the 50 states are contiguous. The two that are not are Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska is located in the extreme northwest portion of North America, and Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean.

There are five major overseas territories of the United States, but they are not states. Statehood talk is a continual theme in Puerto Rico (as well as Washington DC) The territories are:

United States Virgin IslandsCharlotte Amalie133.7 sq mi
Puerto RicoSan Juan3,515 sq mi
GuamHagatna210 sq mi
American SamoaPago Pago76.83 sq mi
Northern Mariana IslandsSaipan179.2 sq mi

The physical map of the US provides details of the topographical features of the country by demarcating various geographical regions, their size and the boundaries.

Total Area3,717,813 sq miles
Land area3,536,294 sq miles
Water area181,519 sq miles
Coordinates38°0' N, 97°0'W
Contiguous zone24 nautical miles
Economic zone200 nautical miles
Territorial sea12 nautical miles

State divisions in USA

The state and county maps of USA provide you with factual information about the locations of the states and the divisions of the country. The state map clearly demarcates the boundaries of the states by different shades and outlines. Through the different colors, readers can easily understand the borders of the states and the area. The state capitals are also distinctly marked by points. Some of the useful details that you can get from the political map of the USA are:

US States Important Statistics
StateArea (sq mi)CapitalPopulation(as per 2008)
New Mexico1,21,589Santa Fe19,84,356
Nevada1,10,560Carson City26,00,167
Minnesota86,938Saint Paul52,20,393
Utah84,898Salt Lake City27,36,424
South Dakota77,121Pierre8,04,194
North Dakota70,700Bismarck6,41,481
Oklahoma69,899Oklahoma City36,42,361
Missouri69,704Jefferson City59,11,605
Iowa57,914Des Moines30,02,555
New York56,271Albany1,94,90,297
North Carolina53,818Raleigh92,22,414
Arkansas53,179Little Rock28,55,390
Louisiana51,840Baton Rouge44,10,796
South Carolina32,020Columbia44,79,800
West Virginia24,230Charleston18,14,468
New Hampshire9,350Concord13,15,809
New Jersey8,722Trenton86,82,661
Rhode Island1,545Providence10,50,788

Cities in United States

Cities in the US are popular tourist attractions, as well as important trading and commercial centers.

The national capital is Washington DC, while the largest is New York City, followed by Chicago, and Los Angeles. Some basic statistics about major US cities are:

US Major Cities Important Statistics
CityArea (sq mi)Population (2008)Important Landmark
Washington D.C68.345,91,833White House
New York City302.683,63,710Statue of Liberty
Los Angeles468.738,33,995Hollywood Sign
Chicago227.628,53,114Sears Tower
Houston599.622,42,193Houston City Hall
Philadelphia134.114,47,395Independence Hall
Phoenix516.715,67,924University of Phoenix Stadium
San Antonio460.913,51,305Tower of the Americas
San Diego325.212,79,329PETCO Park
Dallas340.512,79,910Reunion Tower
San Jose176.510,06,892Lick Observatory
Las Vegas135.85,58,383Las Vegas City Hall

Ecological and weather patterns

The varied geographical features have led to the diverse topography of the US. The Appalachian Mountains act as the dividing line that separate much of the east coast from the Mississippi Basin and the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are located in the northern central part of the country. The major physiographic divisions in the country are:
  • Laurentian Upland
  • Atlantic Plain
  • Appalachian Highlands
  • Interior Plains
  • Interior Highlands
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Intermontane Plateaus
  • Pacific Mountain System

By referring to our topographical map of the US, you can also get an idea about the vegetation of the country. Deciduous vegetation and grasslands are mostly seen in the east, while the west consists of prairies and boreal vegetation. Desert and dry vegetation prevails in the southwestern region.

Weather in US

By looking at our USA weather map, you can understand the different weather systems in the country. Because it is so large, the US experiences diverse weather patterns. Most of the northern region experiences a temperate and continental climate, as you travel south, it changes to humid continental. Towards the ‘south,’ proper, the weather changes to humid subtropical. Florida and Hawaii experience maritime tropical climates. The climate is very dry in the southwestern region, while some parts of the country like the Pacific Northwest experience oceanic climate. The states that are located along the Gulf of Mexico are prone to tornadoes and hurricanes.

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Transportation in USA

Being one of the most advanced countries in the World, the US has a vast and well-developed transportation system. The Air and road networks are very popular. Interestingly, rail services is very regional. Coastal and marine cities often have ferry services to form a major part of the transport network.

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