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South American Cichlids are mainly found in the Amazon river. But more than 225 species are to be found throughout the continent. Angelfish, Discus and Oscar are well-known among South American Cichlids. Acaras, New World Dwarf Cichlids and Eartheaters also come under the category of Cichlids.
There are other South American Cichlids like Astronotus, Cichla, Cichlasoma, Crenicichla, Heros, Mesonauta, Pterophtllum, Symphysodon and Uaru. They vary in body shape, size, color and survival habits. Therefore giving an accurate description of Cichlids are next to impossible. But many of them practice parental care of the eggs and fry. The visual appeal and interesting behavior generate popularity.

Cichlids of South American add excellent color to the freshwater aquarium. This hardy and easy to care for fish have different tank requirements. The care levels differs in case of different species. The larger counterparts of Soft water Dwarf Cichlids of the genera Apistogrammas and Microgeophagus are very active. The Amazonian Cichlids and Neotropical Cichlids are known for their ability to adopt to a variety of water parameters. The Neotropical Cichlids can grow throughout their life.

This larger predatory fish are usually territorial in nature. The semi-aggressive or aggressive aquarium are the right place for their maintenance. Cichlids in South America are extremely intelligent. This fish with good parental skill are the most popular groups of aquarium fish. Their personalities are very interesting, which make them all the more famous. South American Cichlids are fishes with many qualities and characteristics.

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