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South American Animals

South American Animals are unique in their own ways. The diversity of climate and vegetation in South America account for the unusual animals of South America.
The amazing rain forests of the Amazon Basin, the dry Atacama Desert in Chile and the snow capped mountain peaks and volcanoes of the Andes abound with interesting animals.

The animals in South America range from mammals to reptiles, from amphibians to rodents. The uniqueness of South America Animals is due to their adaptation to their surroundings.

The mammals of South America include the llama and alpaca. The Anteater with its big snout is also a native of South America. The Armadillo has a hard covering on its body that protects it from danger. The Brazilian Tapir is a mammal with a small trunk.

Among the rodents of South America are the Chinchilla, a small furry one living in the Andes, Capybara, the largest rodent in the world and Coypu, a semi-aquatic rodent. The sloth is another of unique South America Animals, its lazy nature is an uncommon feature in the animal kingdom.

Interesting reptiles like Anaconda, the largest snake, Boa Constrictor, one of the deadliest snakes, Caiman, a carnivorous reptile, lizards like the Iguana and the Basilisk are some of the famous inhabitants of South America.

Beautiful butterflies like Blue Morpho Butterfly and poisonous insects like the Black Widow Spider live in South America. Wild cats like the Jaguar, the Cougar and the Catamount are the primary carnivores among South America Animals.

Birds include Blue and Yellow Macaw, the Egret, the Pelican, the Flamingo, the Great Horned Owl and the Harpy Eagle. Tree frogs as well as other kinds of amphibians are found in the rain forests.
The most dangerous fish of South America is the Piranha, a fresh water fish that feeds on meat.

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