South American Culture

South American culture is the combination of almost the half of the culture of this world. This continent has its own culture that was fostered by the native people who were the original part and inhabitant of this great continent. South American culture had its own tradition and heritages. Later the mainstream culture was influenced by the other cultures. Among these other cultures there were the European culture, the African culture and recently the modern culture that has contribution mostly from the North America and also from other parts of the world.

South America culture is the rich total of several of the leading cultures of this world. Along with the indigenous culture that was developed during the Mayan civilization, there are the influences of the European culture that was brought by the colonizers in this continent. Moreover, South America had been almost the central position of the slave trade. As a result of the slave trade that consisted of the African people as the slaves, in South America, African culture also developed through these African people. The cultural diversity resulted in several social features also. The field of religion was also influenced and this lead to the diversity in religion in South America.

Christmas in South America
Christmas is an important celebration and it has religious sentiments attached to it and displays the traditional South America Culture. Christmas Traditions In South America is totally celebrated in Roman Catholic way and it can be called as the summation of European and Native American Culture along with the modern influence of American Culture.

All the traditional customs and gift giving themes are prevalent from the history of Christmas in South America

Santa Clause dressed in white and red comes and distributes the gifts and chocolates to the children and this tradition of gift distribution has started off from the Chile and Brazil. Gift giving is seen in Argentina in Christmas and even in King's Day on first week of January.

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