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Cities in Brazil Map

Description : Cities in Brazil map depicting all major cities, towns, country capital and country boundary. Disclaimer

Map of Brazilian Cities
Brazil city is a perfect destination symbolizing exoticism with close proximity to the wilderness of the rain forests of Amazon. Any Brazil City is most of the times regarded as the Mecca of football.There are a large number of Brazil cities which are popular across the world for several reasons.
They have produced a large number of football greats who have been mesmerizing the lovers of the sport for years. These cities in Brazil are also among the top tourist destinations in the continent of South America.

Among the large number of Brazil cities, the Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular. It was the capital of the country for a long time from 1763 to 1960. This city is the hub of the carnivals and celebrations which incarnates Brazil. It experiences a riot of colors in its very existence.

One of the most important cities of Brazil is Brasilia. It is also the capital of the country.

The city, located just in the central part of the country, is in the list of the World Heritage Site published by UNESCO. It is located in the Federal District and has a shape, which resembles a butterfly or an airplane when seen from above.

There are a large number of places of tourist attraction in the cities of Brazil. These include the Paranoa Lake, Cathedral of Brasilia and much more. These have made the Brazil cities extremely popular among the tourists.

List of cities of Brazil (with area and population)
1São Paulo1,221 km2 (588 sq mi)11,895,893 (2014) Urban
2Rio de Janeiro1,221 km2 (486.5 sq mi)6,453,682 (2014)
3Salvador272.6 mi²2.675 million (2010) Undata
4Belo Horizonte330.9 km2 (127.8 sq mi)2,491,109 (2014)
5Recife218 km2 (84.17 sq mi)1,555,039 (2012)
6Fortaleza313.8 km2 (121.2 sq mi)2,571,896 (2014)
7Manaus11,401.06 km2 (4,401.97 sq mi)2,020,301 (2014)
8Campinas795.667 km2 (307.209 sq mi)1,098,630 (2012)
9Belém1,059.40 km2 (409.04 sq mi)1,392,031 (2010 census)
10Porto Alegre496.827 km2 (191.826 sq mi)1,509,939 (2010)
11Curitiba430.9 km2 (166.4 sq mi)1,879,355 (2015)
12Florianópolis433.32 km2 (167.31 sq mi)461,524 (2014)
13Goiânia789 km2 (305 sq mi)1,301,892 (2010)
14Brasília5,802 km2 (2,240.164 sq mi)2,556,149 (2011 Est.)
15São José dos Campos1,099.77 km2 (424.62 sq mi)673,255 (2013)
16Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro464.573 km2 (179.373 sq mi)873,921 (2008)
17Joinville1,130.878 km2 (436.634 sq mi)547,000 (2013)
18Vitória, Espírito Santo93.381 km2 (36.055 sq mi)(355.875 (2015 estimate))
19Palmas2,218.93 km2 (856.73 sq mi)265.090 (2014)
20Santos, São Paulo280.67 km2 (108.37 sq mi)433,966 (2015)
21Natal167.264 km2 (64.581 sq mi)803,739 (2010 census)
22Ribeirão Preto651.37 km2 (251.50 sq mi)619,746 (2012)
23Campos dos Goytacazes4,032 km2 (1,557 sq mi)472,300 (2012)
24Feira de Santana1,362.880 km2 (526.211 sq mi)612,000 (2014)
25Foz do Iguaçu617.70 km2 (238.5 sq mi)263,508 (2013)
26Indaiatuba311.55 km2 (120.29 sq mi)231,033 (2015)
27Olinda43.55 km2 (27.1 sq mi)397,268 (2009)
28Maceió511 km2 (197 sq mi)996,733 (2013)
29Cuiabá3,538 km2 (1,366 sq mi)551,098 (2013 census)
30Itatiba322.28 km2 (124.43 sq mi)113,284 (2015)
31Ouro Preto481 mi²70,227 (2010)
32Teresina1,167.25 km2 (450.68 sq mi)814,439 (2010 census)- Municipality
33Igarassu, Pernambuco117 mi²91,953 (2010) Undata
34Boa Vista5,687.022 km2 (2,195.771 sq mi)266,901 (2010)
35Petrópolis313.1 mi²185,876 (2010) UNdata
36São Luís827.141 km2 (319.360 sq mi)1,011,943 (2010 IBGE)- Municipality
37Ipatinga165.509 km2 (63.903 sq mi)244.508 (2009)
38Pelotas1,609 km2 (621 sq mi)346,452 (2006 est.)
39Diamantina, Minas Gerais1,494 mi²44,746 (2006)
40Patos de Minas3.189,771 km2 (1.231577 sq mi)146,416 (2010)
41Divinópolis708.909 km2 (273.711 sq mi)213,076 (2010)
42Paraty928.47 km2 (358.48 sq mi)35,730 (2009)
43São Gonçalo249.142 km2 (96.194 sq mi)1,016,128 (2012)
44Campo Grande8,096.05 km2 (3,125.90 sq mi)845.763 (2014 census)
45Itajubá290.450 km2 (112.143 sq mi)90,225 (2009)
46Blumenau519.837 km2 (200.710 sq mi)309,214 (2010 est)
47Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais2,348.1 km2 (906.6 sq mi)263,594 (2010)
48Marabá, Pará15,092.268 km2 (5,827.157 sq mi)251,885 (2013)
49João Pessoa210.551 km2 (81.294 sq mi)742,478 (2012)IBGE/2012

Best Places to Visit in Brazil

  Major Cities in Brazil  
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