Places to Visit in South America

Map of places to visit in South America

Various kinds of South America attractions are the primary reason why this continent is chosen by the tourists as a vacation destination.

Places to visit in South America are scattered in the number of countries which adorns this continent. As each country of South America has its uniqueness the locations which the tourists visit are also versatile and breathtaking.

The countries of South America like Argentina, Chile, Cuba and Brazil attracts a maximum amount of tourists. Monuments, landmarks, national parks, religious buildings, farms and art galleries mostly comprises of the celebrated attractions of South America.

Some of the major attractions of South America are:
Machu Picchu - The site of Machu Pichu is also a part of the Seven Wonders of the World. The ancient Inca civilization had created this primeval city of Machu Picchu. The exotic gorgeous city at a height of 2,430 meters above the level of the sea is one of the most famous tourist's destinations in the world.The city is also of huge archeological significance. The ruins of Machu Picchu are also sometimes called the Lost city of the Incas. The extraordinary engineering involved in the creation of this city is the reason of its fame.Machu Picchu is also designated as a world heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The ancient city of Machu Picchu is located near Cusco in Peru. This site is positioned beautifully on the slopes of Andes Mountains in the province of Urumba. The latitude and longitude of this city is 13 degree South and 72 degree West respectively.

Amazon - The lash green and dense forest by the Amazon River in the continent of South Africa is known as Amazonia. The Amazon forest is the largest rain forest on the face of the earth.

The Amazon rain forest has a total area of 7 million square kilometers and a significant part falls in Brazil. Amazonia can be divided into three major groups, the wet river forests, highland forests in the Andes mountain range and dry land forests. The exotic and diverse flora and fauna of this forest draws huge number of tourists from all around the world each year. There a number of legends and myths involved with the forest of Amazon which can also be experienced by the tourists.

The countries where the Amazonian forest is present are Bolivia, Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil

Angel Falls - The discovery of the gallant Angel Falls is absolutely an accident. It was unknown to the men of the western world till Jimmy Angel in 1935 by mistake stumbled upon this natural splendor.

Angel Falls in Venezuela is the highest one in the world and is almost hidden within the lush green forest of the Guyana highlands. The name Angel Falls is kept on its discoverer. Angel Falls of Venezuela is often mentioned as the jewel of the Canaima National Park which lies in the south western part of Venezuela. The accurate height of Angel Falls is 2937 feet which is 15 times longer than Niagara Falls.

Angel Falls rises from the Churun River which is a branch of the larger Caroni River. This waterfall is the pride of Venezuela. It represents the natural wealth and heritage of Venezuela. The flora and fauna found near the Angel Falls add to its charm and beauty.

Iguazu Falls - Iguazu falls is located in the beautiful South American country of Argentina. The beauty of this falls is the reason why numerous tourists come to visit this place each year.

This spectacular falls was discovered in the mid 16th century. The Iguazu Falls in Argentina, which is declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, falls within the common territory of Brazil and Argentina. The unique horseshoe shape of the falls and its height even more than the Niagara Falls is the main reason behind its fame.

Patagonia - Patagonia is one of the most exotic locations of the world located in Argentina. Though the most part of Patagonia is in Argentina Chile also shares some of this natural wonder.

The plateau of Patagonia is found in the farthest south of the continent of South America where the Andes mountain range ends. The presence of Perito Moreno Glacier in this region has made Patagonia famous globally.

The places of attraction in Patagonia which are visited by people from around the world are:
Ephemeral Lakes: These lakes are formed each year when water flows down the Andes to this region. The shallow and turquoise lakes are an absolute beauty to watch.

Los Glaciers National Park: This national park is consists of a continental ice sheet and has 13 glaciers which adorn the neighboring sea.

Torres Del Paine National Park: The gorgeous and diverse flora and fauna of the region marvels the tourists from around the world. The rarest species of animals in the lush green forests and glorious mountains are a delight to watch no doubt.

Central Steppes: The landscape of the Central Steppes and the Petrified Forest is a jewel in the crown of Patagonia.

Peninsula Valdes: The sharp aged cliffs, the stony reefs and the varied marine animals fascinate numerous tourists each year. The whales, seals and sea lion are in bounty in this axe shaped peninsula.

Punta Tombo: The rarest birds on earth the penguins have chosen this place as there home. However there number in decreasing day by day due to the environmental hazards.

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires is the capital city of the South American country Argentina. For a number of travel destinations, rich cultural heritage and tourist attractions, Buenos Aires is really a must visit place among a number of other attractions in Argentina.This capital city is the birth place of the popular music and dance form known as Tango. Among the other attractions in Buenos Aires, there are the Recoleta Cemetery, where there is the tomb of many famous persons in Argentina.

Recoleta it self is known for a weekend fair and also an area where there are several architectural wonders of this country.

Buenos Aires has many museums also that are particularly interesting as they say lots about the history of this capital city.

Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro ranks high amongst the spectacular cities of the world. The city of Rio de Janeiro was at a point of time the capital of the exotic nation of Brazil.The excellent geographical location and vibrant culture of the city have made the city a most sought after tourists spot in the world.

The sharp edged cliff which rises from the turquoise sea is a one of the popular spots within the city. Apart from the natural wonders the other thing which adds to the fame of Rio de Janeiro is football which is the national sport of Brazil.It can be visited at any time of the year as the average temperature hardly drops below 24 degree centigrade so one can enjoy sand and sun all year long.

There is a state called Rio de Janeiro within which the city falls which has a population of 14,392,106. The significant places of interest in Rio de Janeiro are Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado peak.

The huge statue of Jesus situated on the Corcovado peak is the structure the picture of which comes to mind with the mention of Rio de Janeiro.

Durban: Durban is the most visited city in South America. With a population of 3 million, it is second only to Cape Town. Because of its agreeable climate, plenty of people come here to enjoy the beaches. The average summer temperature is 74 degrees (24 C), and in the winter season, it is it rarely dips below 60 degrees. With little rain, you can expect sunshine throughout the year.

With a large port, a rarity for Africa, Durban is a major manufacturing hub, and accounts for a large portion of the total revenue of the country.

Because of its coastal location, Durban is home to the uShaka Marine world. This complex has a huge aquarium, where you can see sharks and other rare marine creatures. As well as an amusement park, shopping, and top-quality restaurants.

Other major South American cities include Alberton, East London, Kimberley, Newcastle, Port Elizabeth, Paarl, Pretoria, and Midrand.

South America Cities have emerged as cities of global stature, visited by people from Africa and all over the world.


Last Updated on: May 29th, 2018